Cars and councillors

What is it with old cars.

I spotted Ray Ahipene-Mercer driving round in some old gas-hungry 1940’s roadstar covered in placards. I thought it was kind of cute in a gimmicky way.

Then, lo and behold, the very same day I see Bryan Pepperell driving what looked like a 1930’s baby Austin, again covered in placards.

What is it with these two? I have to say neither of them looked particularly happy – perhaps they both know how the polls are going.

I’ve looked for some popularity polls without success but then Wellington probably doesn’t need to be polled – in the face of no competition Kerry is likely to win again [sigh].

National to scrap cap

Here’s a good reason to not vote National next year.

National are going to scrap the cap on the fee you pay to your GP, so effectively your doctor will be able to charge you more.

National leader John Key said the competitive market would ensure doctors’ fees did not go through the roof.

Raising the fees you pay to see your doctor is part of National’s discussion document on health and is designed to “put people first”.

Goodness knows how that is going to happen. John Key reckons that if your doctor charges you too much you’ll go down the road to someone else.

  • In some small towns there is no-one else
  • We develop relationships with our doctors – we shouldn’t have to change based on cost
  • The only ones to win out of this are the doctors

People seeking health care shouldn’t have to compete for it based on market forces. Sure, we all want a more efficient health system, but letting the health professionals name their price is not the way to go about it. Without doubt it will mean that some folk in the community will decide not to seek help…and ultimately this will end up costing the nation more.

Bad policy John. This will bite you on the arse – but you (unlike many) will be able to afford to get it treated.

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