Obesity and sleep #2

I have just watched more inadequate reporting on TVNZ’s late news.

Hannah Ockelford (Reporter and 2007 Qantas Award winner in the Student Category ) declared the Auckland University Study making a relationship between obesity and sleep was a “world first…”

As I said in my post when the report was released around a week ago on doing a Google Search using the terms “obesity” and “sleep” I found several studies, some as old as 1982, making this connection.

Obviously research hasn’t extended to discovering whether the press releases journalists are handed are old news or new.

Travelling by air

I wish I could write like this…a very very funny blog post on air travel primarily aimed at the American traveler.

Each time I fly is it my imagination or is there less leg room, and does the seat in front recline 2 inches further than it used to?

Massive multi touch screen

Given Bill Gates’ predictions for the future – the death of the mouse – this little video shows how far touch screens have come.

Previously touch screens would only allow one input…Jeff Han shows this huge screen where multiple users can interact with many touch points. It’s pretty impressive.

YouTube - Jeff Han and his touch screen

Presidential primaries

It seems the US primaries are living up to their unpredictable form.

For the Democrats: Obama wins in Iowa , then Clinton wins in New Hampshire .

For the Republicans: Huckabee wins Iowa , and McCain takes New Hampshire .

While the lead seesaws from one candidate to the other lets remember that Bill Clinton only polled 3 percent in Iowa (1992) and then went on to win the nomination. In other words it’s still early days.

All pundits predict a Democratic win for President, so it doesn’t much matter who wins the Republican race for the Presidential nomination.

But the Democrat choice is going to be groundbreaking whichever way it goes – if you believe the choice is only between Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. One is black and the other is a woman. It’s hard to believe the American public is ready for either.

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