Hannah Montana and ‘that’ photo

As the comment on the ABC News blog states: “…our children are sexualised so early…”

In case you are wondering what the hell I’m going on about, Miley Cyrus, daughter of ‘Achy Breaky Heart‘ singer Billy Ray Cyrus, posed nearly nude for the June issue of Vanity Fair. This flies in the face of her ‘good-girl’ image and alter-ego of Hannah Montana. Miley has since apologised to her fans for the indiscretion.

Annie Leibovitz shot the picture and claims that because the family was there right through the shoot then it’s OK, because they approved it. Annie Leibovitz is one of the worlds foremost fashion and illustrative photographers. I would imagine that the ability to say no to Annie would be very difficult indeed.

Leibovitz’s claims that it was a very simple portrait, without makeup, do nothing to dispel the fact that it is essentially nothing more than a sexual image of a fifteen year old girl.

Is Miley Cyrus heading down the path of many young female artists, who come to rely only on their sex appeal rather than their talent? That question will be answered over the coming years. It should be our responsibility to discourage this sort of behaviour.

On another note…I bought pizza from Divine Pizza in Khandallah. They have installed a flat-screen TV on the wall so punters can watch music videos while they wait for their dinner. At 6pm on Saturday night we (myself and my six year old twin boys) were subjected to gyrating half naked women. One of my boys began to ask pertinent questions about the female anatomy, which I can assure you were very hard to answer, or deflect in a crowded pizza parlour. I was tempted to ask the staff to turn it off – perhaps I should have. That would have been taking my responsibility seriously.

Bluebird Chips and Super 14

Superstars Rugby CardsIt’s with some comfort that the Ministry of Health is looking into a possible breach of the Advertising Standards (see Ministry on snack attack). Apparently the campaign 2008 RUGBY SUPERSTARS campaign with Bluebird chips breaches the act on advertising to children, and on food advertising.

It shouldn’t be seen as unusual that the NZRU allow their brand to be associated with chips – after all the All Blacks are strongly linked to Steinlager. But the fact that this promotion encourages children to eat a fattening and unhealthy product, with the byproduct of collecting rugby cards is misguided. Perhaps the Rugby Union is more strapped for cash than we are led to believe.

The link between Weetbix and the All Blacks is a healthier relationship – my six year old boys spent the day inside today (it was raining) playing with their weetbix cards, and working out (with the aid of a calculator) how old each of their collected players were, at the same time marvelling at the number of weetbix they ate at a breakfast sitting.

Criticism should also be directed at the parents. I’m assuming it’s their permission that is given to purchase these chips in the first place. I know how convincing [whining] kids can be when they want something, but parents, let me tell you something: You are the adult – you’re supposed to know best. Stop buying them this crap.

I will look forward to the RFU’s position being defended over the next few days and the outcome of the MOH’s complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority.

Terminal 5

The Heathrow Terminal 5 debacle has inspired games, violence, and many news reports.

Now a couple of Kiwi jokers have written a song about their own experience. Very cute.

YouTube :Terminal 5

Meatloaf was robbed

Andy Gilmour as MeatloafThe first episode of TVNZ’s Stars in their Eyes served up four quite mediocre singers. Leaving the best til last a fat man called Andy revealed he would be performing Meatloaf.

And was he good? You bet he was!

But who won? Some cute blond Swedish girl singing some unrecognisable pap. People, the show is about who sings the song the most like the original artist. Get with the program.

Meatloaf was robbed. It’s bad enough that I watched this crap, but then to sit and see the best person lose was unbearable.

Have I made my point already?

Tax breaks for All Blacks

Dan CarterDebate raged, albeit in a small circle, about David Moffet’s suggestion that All Blacks should get a government subsidised tax break in an effort to stem the flow of our top sportsmen overseas.

Anything that is government subsidised means that ultimately I’ll end up paying for it – so it’s a stupid idea.

But perhaps here’s a better one…

Dan Carter is thinking of going overseas for a very big pay packet. How about we all get the chance to ‘sponsor’ him to stay! It’d be like owning a piece of Dan Carter. I’m not sure what you’d get in return, but it’d have to be based on how much money you were willing to ‘invest’ in him. For example, anything over $2000 gets you the right to invite Dan home for a cooked meal…

Surely this is no different than sponsoring your son or daughter in the Relay for Life, or the Weetbix Tryathon…

I’m ringing the Rugby Union now. This could be bigger than Telethon, or Wheel of Fortune!

The political week in review

It’s been more than a week since I last posted…that sounds like a Catholic confession…and a lot has happened.

Labour made a great and probably successful effort at losing the election via one small innocent act – four women MPs and a bad song to the tune of Kenny Rogers “The Gambler”. This has provided the main TV networks with perfect fodder – I have seen this clip countless times. Ruth Dyson is tuneless and out of time, Maryann Street is half hearted in her rendition, and I don’t know who the others are, although I suspect one is Steve Chadwick.

The link is here if you want to see it in it’s entirety. The Long Playing version is worse than the 45…

YouTube - The Labour Party and The Gambler

The same person who posted The Gambler video (a young Nat perhaps) had the time to edit and upload the “DON’T VOTE LABOUR” video shown below.

YouTube - Mike Williams telling fibs

Mike Williams protestation to Guyon Espiner that he didn’t say “That’s a bloody good idea” flies in the incontrovertible truth that he DID say “That’s a bloody good idea”. It’s unfortunate that this blunder happened at the same conference that The Gambler headlined at.

The public, despite these shenanigans, are confused about who they like.

Sunday night TVNZ released a poll showing Labour had dropped support, and National had gained, despite the FTA with China.

National – 54%
Labour – 35%

and preferred Prime Minister:

John Key – 35%
Helen Clark – 29%

TV3 on the other hand, and on the other channel, showed the gap had closed between Labour and National

Labour – 38% (up 3)
National – 48% (down 3)

and preferred Prime Minister:

John Key – 29% (down 6)
Helen Clark – 32% (up 4)

Of course each of these polls were conducted around and during that fateful Labour Party Congress. If the behaviour and policy of parties takes a couple of weeks to resonate with the public it’ll be interesting to see the results next time.

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