Jimmy Cowan and rugby

Two nights in a police cell in two months and the New Zealand Rugby Union are deliberating whether to keep him in the All Blacks?

As well as these two recent debacles the NZ Herald reports an incident where Cowan was sent home from a Junior All Blacks tour of Australia after an incident in a bar.

Flick him. Give him the boot. Let him go.

Internet banking code

It’s interesting to see that the internet banking code lauching tomorrow has been watered down.

Banks have removed a clause that could give them the right to refuse to reimburse fraud victims who did not let banks inspect their computers.

I bank with Westpac, and RaboPlus. The online experience for each of these banks couldn’t be more different. Westpac have introduced a ‘red shield’ and an online ‘guardian’.

RaboPlus on the other hand have taken the responsibility to ensure security (for the bank and the customer) by providing each of their customers with a Digipass. This Digipass ensures that only you can access your account…unless you first divulged your account number, then the password to your Digipass, then were able to activate the digipass to input the unique 6-digit code each time you wanted to make a transaction.

If I’m giving a bank my money then I expect them to look after it. That means they need to protect every avenue that a criminal might use to get at my funds. My responsibility should be limited to taking as much care as I can to keep my PIN secure. Other than that the bank protects my money from physical and electronic theft. That’s why I pay fees.

It seems that RaboPlus can protect my money from cyber crime, AND charge me nothing for the privilege, whereas Westpac put the onus almost completely on me and charge me excessive bank fees. Who is doing the better job?


Saw this advertisement in today’s Sunday Star Times (still haven’t cancelled my subscription).

I had wondered what Don Brash, ex leader of the National Party, was up to. Now I know.

Don Brash lookalike

Wellington Prison set to close – temporarily

Oddity for the week:

Wellington Prison, previously known as Mt Crawford Prison, is set to close temporarily due to a lack of prisoners. Apparently there is a seasonal downturn in the numbers of criminals. The few remaining prsioners are being relocated back to prisons in their home districts.

This is all a bit curious when the government is building brand new prisons in other areas of the country. And the ‘seasonal downturn’ is odd…I had never thought of crime as being seasonal.

Incandescent light-bulb ban

I’m a bit behind the eight-ball on this one, but outraged nonetheless. My mother told me a couple of days ago that incandescent light-bulbs are to be banned. I thought Mum was having a senior moment. “You can’t just ban light-bulbs Mum”, I said.

Well, I was wrong. Apparently the government can. In fact it seems these days the government can do anything.

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1-day.co.nz: How cheap is it?

1-day send me a daily email offering me three products sold at what is claimed to be a very discounted price. On the surface it looks great, and today I was almost tempted to purchase. 1 day

Even though I didn’t really need what they were offering the sense of urgency overtook any practicality. A Canon MD160 Camcorder, down  from $799.95 to $399.95, a whopping saving of $400!

Now, if I believed the hype I would now be the owner of a camcorder. But I decided to compare prices, to see if this really was a great deal.

PriceSpy compares the price of goods between retailers. The lowest price offered for the Canon MD160 was $367.93. The highest price found was $758.88.

So, 1-day doesn’t really offer the cheapest price all the time. And nor do they advertise what is the actual RRP. It’s obvious from PriceSpy that I could buy this same camcorder from reputable retailers for a price much lower than the advertised $399.99 ($400 off the RRP).

The illusion of scarcity is a powerful force to beat. But spending a few minutes to compare prices shows that if it looks too good to be true it probably is.

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