iPhone plans revealed

Vodafone launched the pricing plans for the iPhone this morning at 10.00am. iPhone

Pay $199 for the phone and $250/month on a two year contract and that’s $6,199 paid at the end of that term.

Seems excessive? It is.

Vodafone had a perfect opportunity to capture a big segment of Telecom’s market. I’ve been a Telecom customer for years – since the days of the Motorola ‘brick’. The iPhone is the first time I have considered moving to Vodafone. But not at that price…not even at the lowest $80 per month plan. On that plan the phone would cost me $699.

Mark Rushworth, Chief Marketing Officer for Vodafone said on Campbell Live that it was more than a phone…it was a phone, and an iPod, and he said it will give me access to the internet wherever I am.

It doesn’t take much investigation to discover that the 3G coverage is abysmal. Vodafone claim coverage of 97% of where the population live which sounds like a lot until you take a look at the maps on the Vodafone site. Click on Palmerston North and the red indicates coverage. The New Zealand map is worse.

I know it’s Apple. I know it’s sexy, and stylish, and modern, and so ‘now’, but I’m going to remain content with my Palm Treo 700wx. I can access the web sites I need to access (Gmail etc) and I can use it as a phone. I can’t use it as an iPod, but I’m happy with my separate 30GB Video iPod. I’ve got a gazillion songs on it (all legal) and the batteries last me 8 days before recharging is required. My current Telecom plan costs me around $40/month. I never exceed my data limits.

I sound so old-fashioned but I’ve decided, with Vodafone’s help, that I don’t need an iPhone – certainly not at the cost revealed today.

What else could I do with $6,199? Ideas anyone?

P.S Great thread over on Rod Drury’s blog from some knowledgeable folk. General consensus is that Vodafone haven’t done so well…

Tony Veitch stood down

The revelations about Tony Veitch in the Dominion Post yesterday were shocking.

  1. Shocking that he is alleged to have perpetrated this crime against his former girlfriend
  2. Shocking that he paid her $100,000 to keep quiet about it
  3. Shocking that he didn’t deny the allegation (in the public mind that’s an admission)
  4. Shocking that a high profile and popular presenter would stoop to injuring his girlfriend to the extent she was confined to a wheelchair.

This is if it’s true (see #3).

TVNZ and The Radio Network responded slowly to the news. They gave him the benefit of the doubt, for a day. That delay made them look like they condoned the behaviour.

And as this event shows violence in the family happens irrespective of what side of the train tracks you live on.

We are reminded of the departure of Clint Brown from TV3 in 2006. Brown, also a sports presenter, was stood down over allegations of drunk and abusive behaviour. This included making derogatory remarks about Maori women, kicking a taxi and insulting a customer’s wife. He was beaten up as a result and suffered a fractured eye socket and chipped teeth.

TV3 lost a respected and popular presenter. Now TVNZ have suffered the same fate.

Research suggests that if there is violence in one relationship, there was probably violence in previous and subsequent relationships. If Veitch doesn’t front up to his actions then we can be assured people from his past will reveal other discretions.

We haven’t heard the last of this.

[TVNZ have already removed him from the ONE News Team page but the Game of Two Halves page still features him. Surely he’s not on the show this Friday?]

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