Random Acts of good news

Keep happyTomorrow is the first day of spring.

It is also “Random Acts of Kindness” day – the day where we, you, I must try and do at least one random act of kindness to another individual – better still if it’s someone you don’t know. Believe me, it’ll make you feel a lot better about the act of kindness if the person is a complete stranger, especially if they thank you for it.

This RAK day got me thinking.

A lot of blogs, mine included, focus far too strongly on the negative. We are always hoping for the big scoop to bring down a government. Or we’re always looking for something to moan about and vent our frustrations. Really, it’s all a bit depressing and negative.

So, in an effort to lighten up I’ve made the decision to only focus on the positive – for one month at least. I’m guessing that if I do this solidly for a month the outcome will be so ‘positive’ that I won’t want to ever think/talk/share negative things again. In the same way as Poneke has given up writing on politics, at least until after the election, I’m only going to be sharing with you uplifting tales of courage, generosity, good humour, and positivism. I just hope I can find them.

I want to start this off by apologising to Robbie McFadzean who, while he sacrificed his worldly possessions to make room for his beer in the back of his 4-wheel drive as he escaped a massive landslip, is probably a very decent chap. And I shouldn’t malign such decent folk.

So sorry Robbie. I hope your house is OK, and you are enjoying your beer.

Here’s to good news and happiness.

Latest artwork

Here’s my latest painting…it’s for sale for $850.

Leave a comment to buy. It measures 600 x 800mm. Acrylic on canvas.

Lemon and Feijoa

Prized possessions

Prized possessionsTV3 ran a story this evening on the big slip that is threatening houses in Kawakawa Bay near Auckland.

I couldn’t help notice the prized possessions one resident, Robbie McFadzean, had packed into the back of his 4-wheel-drive.

Always rescue your beer…OK?

If 50,000 tonnes of dirt is going to crash on your house you’re gonna need something to drown the sorrows.

Clark knew all along

It was revealed today the Prime Minister knew that Owen Glenn had donated money to Winston Peters right back in February.

Surely this is the most damning information of this sorry saga. As John Armstrong says:

She will thus be accused of withholding the information in order to both protect Peters and protect her administration.

It smells like a bucket of six day old scampi.

Helen needs to stop kidding us that she hasn’t been keeping Winston on deck until the ETS is signed and delivered – cos that’s what it looks like despite her assertions to the contrary.

The ‘secret agenda’ of the National Party has paled into insignificance in the midst of this debacle.

Even though the recent Herald-DigiPoll survey showed the gap closing between National and Labour this can only be good for National. Clark’s every word since February will be scrutinised to see that she has been consistent in her defense (or otherwise) of Winston.

And just as Winston says he didn’t attend the Karaka sales in 2006 there is likely to be evidence to the contrary on Clark. [View the picture of Winston Peters at the Karaka 2006 Sales here]

My god – I sound like a Tory sympathiser!

Collective thought

The Olympics are officially over.

Thank god I don’t have to suffer Simon Dallow anymore. What an idiot. His sign off this evening on the TV1 news continued as it started – “It’s all about me!” I could hear him quietly scream. So smug and self-satisfied. So inadequate.

One good thing the Olympics highlights every four years is the determination and grit that the athletes dedicate to their sport. The winners always pronounce that they dreamed and thought hard about crossing that finish line, or throwing that big throw. Perhaps its the power of positive thought that made them win – not the training and government money.

And so, here’s the challenge.Think hard

If we could just get ALL the athletes in the world (not just New Zealand ones) to concentrate really hard on a big world issue – for instance, world peace – then we might just be able to influence events. It’s the perfect opportunity. Several thousand athletes, utterly committed and focused on concentrating their thought to one issue. Let’s encourage them not to be selfish and think about 8 or 9 gold medals – lets encourage them to do something nobler, and solve the worlds problems.

We’d need to run a few competitions to decide on the one topic the athletes would ultimately concentrate on, but that’s what the World Games could be for…practice runs at worthy causes.

I think the idea has legs!

[Image courtesy of Evan Holt]


Bigfoot does not exist, at least for now.

The mythical creature remains a myth. Two rednecks from Georgia, USA had their 15 minutes of fame pissing off all the people who actually believe that big-footed Bigfeet are out there, somewhere.

Not that I actually for a moment believed this was ever going to turn out for real they have pissed me off too.

According to The Inquisitr the Sasquatch in the freezer, when thawed, turned out to be a rubber monkey suit. From the photos it looked more like the Cadbury Gorilla than a Bigfoot.

And so the mystery remains. Does the Bigfoot exist?

YouTube Preview Image

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