Hell Pizza wins the bad taste award

Hell Pizza, the maverick pizza company intent on shock and offence, have released a microsite http://www.backfromthedead.co.nz/ (brought to us by Colenso BBDO).

Called Happy Helloween (I guess that’s a pun) it shows Sir Edmund Hillary, the Queen Mother, and (I think) Heath Ledger, dancing to a re-mix of something that sounds like Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

If it was witty, or even entertaining, then it might be halfway to being funny – but it’s none of these things.

0 out of 10 to Hell and to Colenso.

Margo McAuley dies

Margo MCauleyMany many people in Wellington will be as shocked as I was to hear of the death of Margo McAuley.

She was a ‘celebrity’ real-estate sales woman who ran her own series of very tastefully designed and conceived billboards. And she was very very successful at selling real estate, which in turn helped to pay for the advertising profile.

For her friends and family who are no doubt hurting deeply it will be a mixed blessing to see her name associated with property still on the market. Just do a Google Search to see how many results come up.

Whatever you think of real estate agents Wellington and the real estate industry has lost a trailblazer and a vibrant enthusiastic go-getter.

My sympathy goes to all her colleagues and family.

Try the election quiz on Pundit.co.nz

You might be surprised at the outcome if you try the election quiz at new news site Pundit.

Not one person in our office came up with National or Labour as the top result – some of us were shocked at who the quiz recommended – me included. I had never thought to vote Progressive in my life 🙂

Other like minded liberals discovered they should be voting NZ First for gods sake!

Now, you could be excused for thinking the algorithm behind the quiz is completely shonky – but think again. This quiz has been developed (in conjunction with Pundit) by US company Glassbooth. They won an award for their US Presidential Quiz. So they aint stupid.

I’m not convinced that this is going to change the way I vote (sorry Jim) but it does raise questions about how neither of the major parties seem to be addressing any of the real concerns any of my work colleagues (22 in total have).

Telecom pulls out of FlyBuys

Telecom and Fly BuysTelecom has decided to extricate itself from the Fly Buys scheme at the end of the year saying that it wants to focus on providing better core services to it’s customers.

Perhaps it’s also an indication that they are hurting financially. Their share price has taken a big tumble (along with many other stocks) and they are being outdone in many ways by Vodafone. Now they have removed another reason for becoming, or being a Telecom customer – rewards via Fly Buys.

I have no idea how much it costs a business to be part of the Fly Buys scheme – presumably it’s charged as a percentage of your total sales (at least for the bits that can attract rewards) – so the cost could be considerable.

Perhaps Telecom has data that shows people aren’t making purchasing decisions for Telecom products based on the ability to gain rewards. Once you are locked into a Telecom account you don’t have ann opportunity to change your mind until your plan expires so the rewards keep coming in automatically. Whereas I can choose to spend my money at a Shell service station everytime I fill up to take advantage of Fly Buys – it’s a more active decision that can be more easily measured.

If the withdrawal from Fly Buys adds real benefit to existing and new Telecom customers then that’s a good thing. My sense is that customers won’t notice much of a change to the level of service they receive except they’ll no longer be rewarded for being that customer.

Tim Pankhurst – Editor of the Dominion Post

Can anyone tell me what Tim Pankhurst is doing in America?Tim Pankhurst in America

He will say that he’s there as a recipient of a Jefferson Fellowship but to me it looks like:

  • he’s on a junket
  • he’s preventing a real working journalist from taking a place

To apply for this fellowship you must be a

“…working print, broadcast and on-line journalist with a minimum of five years of professional experience from the United States and the Asia Pacific region”.

I think that Tim is both over qualified (he’s an editor for gods sake – isn’t he supposed to be managing the DomPost?) and under qualified (he hasn’t done much of late for writing or journalism in general).

In accepting this Fellowship he’ll be out of the country for our own election – what sort of committment does that demonstrate to probably the most important new event in the last three years? I’ll tell you – none!

Grow up Tim. Accept the fact that you’re in management – at the highest level – and that these Fellowships and opportunities are more suited to the real workers on the ground.

Oh, I forgot, they’ll be too busy covering the General Election.

BankaRate – the best interest rates on offer

RaboPlus, the only AAA bank in New Zealand launched tonight a new website. BankaRate

Called BankaRate it offers high interest Term Deposits on a limited basis for a limited time. In most cases the interest rate is 0.4 to 0.5% above what is offered by any other bank.

The site went live at around 7pm and already by 10.00pm only half the available $100K for 1 month rates were remaining.

I need to confess that I’m the Account Manager for Click Suite responsible for the online activities for RaboPlus – so I do have a vested interest. But I’d challenge anyone out there to show me anything with a better rate and with a better level of security.

Check it out here: www.bankarate.co.nz

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