Swine flu confirmed – it’s here!

News alert!

Lorelei Mason will be wetting her pants with excitement.

Swine flu has been confirmed in three of the Rangitoto College students with the assumption that the remaining students (who are waiting nervously) also have swine flu.

Follow Lorelei’s frenzied ‘twitters’ here where she profoundly states:

Got your Tamiflu yet? Got your masks? If not no drama. Handwashing and hygienic coughing and sneezing advice should see you right.

If swine flu wasn’t so serious this twittering would be laughable – actually, it is laughable.

Meanwhile the CDC has updated the numbers for the USA:

Latest update from CDC

Latest update from CDC

How come little old New Zealand seems to have the lion’s share of people infected with swine flu? So far 3 out of 4 million people, compared to 40 out of 303,824,640.

The swine flu shot

It’s happened before – evidence below:

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Thanks to Cindy via Island Life:

Swine flu spreading like topsy

The latest update:

The CDC now claim that 20 people have succumbed to swine flu in the United States of America. According to media reports in New Zealand we have at least ten (the students from Rangitoto College). With those sorts of numbers either we are over-responding to an imagined threat or we are the epicentre of this contagious virus.

Despite the worldwide pandemic predictions no-one has died from the disease, except in Mexico. But let’s all remember that Mexico is a third world country and so would be a difficult place to find good health care, especially if you are poor. And there are a lot of poor in Mexico.

Update on swine flu

Update on swine flu

The comments on Stuff at the end of a story about swine flu reflect my current lack of concern. Here’s my favourite:

I think this is the beginning of the end. Its just like in the movie “dawn of the dead”. How long is it before the re-animated walk the streets? Soon, thats when! I know that John Key has been whisked away to a secure location as the New Zealand army gets ready for the zombie apocalypse! I read it on the internet so it must be right! Get ready people! This is a virus cooked up in labs so that drug makers who caused 9/11 and the death of JFK can make more money by selling more black helicopters to Elvis.

TVNZ beats up the swine flu

For a start so much for TVNZ on demand. I see the news at 6pm, then I want to see it again at 8pm so I head to my computer. Either the 6pm news is there somewhere amidst a bad navigation or I need to wait until tomorrow to see today’s news – either way it certainly isn’t ‘on demand’.

TVNZ swung into action when it looked like a group of 22 students from Rangitoto College ‘may’ have been exposed to the swine flu which is ‘sweeping’ Mexico City.

Hadyn Jones stood outside Rangitoto College in the dark reporting back to Peter Williams and Bernadine Oliver-Kerby. Why? Surely anyone who had the flu would be tucked up in bed.

Garth Bray was out at the Auckland International Airport so that we could see the doors that anyone who ‘might’ have swine flu would walk through.

And Lorelei Mason was (standing) in the dark somewhere else saying something more about ‘might’, ‘may’ and ‘perhaps’.

Now, there is no doubt that this could be serious. But there is, so far, little confirmation that the isolated cases in the USA, and even here at Rangitoto College are anything more than normal flu, or in the case of the Auckland contingent, the results of jet-lag and being subjected to the unhealthy air of a jetplane.

Roche will be happy. They have mountains of Tamiflu stock still waiting to be used from the avian-flu-scare several years back. And according to Roche (of course) Tamiflu is effective in combating the flu-like symptoms.

I’ll maintain normal precautionary measures like not kissing my workmates, using tissues to wipe and blow my nose, and washing my hands after anything that is slightly unsavoury.

I suggest we all calm down, especially TVNZ, and await developments. Hadyn, Garth and Lorelei – come back to the studio. You look silly out there.

In the meantime the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have published the following table. The table shows people likely infected with swine flu, not dead but infected.

Human Cases of Swine Flu - so far

Human Cases of Swine Flu - so far

UPDATE: Ten of the 22 students from Rangitoto College have been confirmed as having Influenza A – this is NOT swine flu, but as TVNZ says (and hopes for the sake of a good story) it could be.

Britain’s Got Talent II

If you thought the Susan Boyle spectacle on Britain’s Got Talent was well worth it here’s another one. Not so jaw droppingly unexpected as Ms Boyle but funny enough to make you smile, or laugh out loud even.

And to see a father and son so happy in each others company is a nice treat.

Here’s the link or click on the image below.

Stavros Flatly on Britain's Got Talent

Stavros Flatly on Britain's Got Talent

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