A website about meat – finally


The site I have been wanting to build since around 2001 has finally arrived.


BackĀ  at the turn of the century eating meat was not a very fashionable thing to do – it was done in moderation, usually when you went to a restaurant or to a friend’s place for dinner.

Every Thursday night I would meet with my two brothers-in-law (while my better half was out of the house) and we would cook a meat meal. It was never anything fancy – usually sausages with mashed potato and frozen peas. The sausages would be courtesy of the Superior Meat Market on Ponsonby Road – run by a father and son team – Brian and Wayne. And bloody good bangers they were too. I never ate as much meat as I did in that and the subsequent year.

Did I develop hardened arteries and a heart condition? No.

Did I become obese and diabetic? No.

I embraced the joy of eating meat to the point that I registered www.meateaters.co.nz always with the idea of creating a site about, for and of meat. We even had T-shirts made – a limited run (of three) with a photo of our typical Thursday night feast.

So, take a look – it’s new and needs more content. But if you have ideas for articles, or you have reviews of great meat meals you have experienced, or you want to talk about your favourite butcher, or meat retailer then add a comment to this post and I’ll make contact with you via the email address you provide.

Check it our at www.meateaters.co.nz or www.meatdinner.com

Eating in Sydney

I’m in Sydney with the family and we’ve been surprised by how much eating here costs. It may be more to do with the fact that two seven and a half year old boys now eat as much as their mother and father, so we’re feeding (and paying for) four.

Lunches have been in the region of $50-$60, and that’s for paninis, or turkish bread and coffee. Bloody hell!

Tonight though was a rare find thanks to a Lonely Planet guide on Sydney.

We had a day pass on the monorail and so decided to use it at night to head to Chinatown. There were several restaurants listed as being worthy and we chose the fourth one: Golden Century Seafood Restaurant on Sussex Street.

According to our guide the place is a late night favourite (it’s open until 4.00am) with Sydney chefs and hotel staff.

“…lots of fish tanks display your nervous looking dinner…”

It was all true. We arrived early and the place was only half full. We didn’t fancy the fish – as one son perhaps over-stated, killing those fish is ‘evil’.

We opted instead for dim sim, sishuan-style beef (hot), pork ribs peking style, and braised four vegetables.

The food was stunning. The service was exceptional – wait staff were called variously ‘Trainee’, ‘Stewart’, ‘David’ and ‘Johnny’.

The restaurant filled quickly mainly with Chinese patrons (always a good sign) and with Australian businessmen (also a good sign). By the time we left around 8.00pm there was long queue at the door and the huge crabs and fish and crays were being hauled out of their temporary tanks, weighed and sold (cooked) to patrons.

I, we, the whole family strongly recommend it. A$110 for two entrees, three mains, two chinese beers, and a big bottle of sparkling water.

Unlike other restaurants you’re not allowed to leave once the bill is paid. You must sit and wait while fruit, pastry and cookies are brought to your table. A little sign is left to ‘thankyou for your patron’.

Grand Century Seafood Restaurant
393-399 Sussex Street
Hours: Noon to 4.00am
Phone: 9212 3901

Another misplaced online advertisement

Try the All Blacks lineout challenge - click on the image to view full size

Try the All Blacks lineout challenge - click on the image to view full size

The All Blacks were pitiful. And I gleaned that just from the edited highlights on the news.

Now everyone is calling for Graham Henry’s head to roll. Sorry to disappoint you but he’s just been signed up til after the next World Cup.

So, while reading the NZ Herald article on the beating that the All Blacks are suffering at the hands of the foreign press I couldn’t help but be drawn to this lovely online ad for Mastercard.

Mastercard ad gone - click on image for larger view

Mastercard ad gone - click on image for larger view

Featuring Richie McCaw the advertisement from Mastercard encourages us to “Try the All Blacks line-out challenge”. Slightly ironic perhaps, given that the All Blacks couldn’t win any lineouts.

I checked the same story tonight and the advertisement is gone – replaced with white space. Oh dear.

Update: seems I was premature and that Mastercard are standing behind the men in black – the add miraculously appeared. It’s still funny.

Mission On is off

Without any fanfare, or it would seem, media interest SPARC have decided to discontinue the Mission On initiative.

The Mission On website received many column inches of bad press in the lead up to the 2008 election when John Key criticised the expenditure on the website. SPARC, due to the political nature of their funding were ‘prevented’ from defending the program. Afterall, there was a high probability that they would be cap in hand to a National government.

And so it came to pass.

Unless I am mistaken there was nothing written about the website being removed. There one day, gone the next. Many thousands of hours reduced to absolutely nothing. The government, while accusing SPARC of wasting money on this website, have performed a greater sin in removing it.

The 28,268 children (as at May 13, 2009) who regularly visited the site, and played the games that taught them about how to play outside and build vegetable gardens and eat properly are left with nothing except the promise of new sporting equipment. A rugby ball or basketball is useless unless there are people available to teach children how to use them – in our decile 10 school there is no-one. I’m guessing that the National Party initiative will be as ineffective as they claimed the Mission On website to be.

It’s a tragic waste of money.

Read my original post here.

And here’s the notification on the SPARC website – a wonderful understatement.

Disclosure: I worked at the agency (but not on this account) that brought the Mission On website to life. I know the many many hours of research and focus grouping that went into ensuring the website would be a success for the young people that interacted with it.

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