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Skinny is otherwise known as Alan Doak. I’ve been involved in the design industry since the late eighties, and the world of new media since 2000.

Starting out as a commercial photographer, and building up my business – Shoot ‘Em Up – I won many awards for my work, culminating in the NZIPP Photographer of the Year award in 1996.

I moved to Auckland in 2000, keen to start a new career – so I gave up photography and went back to school at The Media Design School. After a year of intense studies I contracted to a few design and advertising agencies doing CD Roms, web sites and HTML emails. You can check out my original but now rather obsolete site at www.thinman.co.nz/site.

After the birth of my twin boys we moved back to Wellington where I started work at Intergen as a senior designer. I moved from there to Click Suite starting as Production Manager which morphed quite gracefully into Account Management. After nearly four years at Click Suite I moved onto another great web company, Springload.

After-hours when I’m not working I learn the guitar (fingerpicking style), fill my blog with meaningful and not so meaningful observations, and try to keep my 7 year old twin boys happy and active – no mean task.

If you want to see me in action as my alter-ego, Skinny La Veal, then take a look at this – a collection of music clips and TV performances.

6 thoughts on “About Skinny”

  1. Hi Alan, this mite be a bit random, but ive been doing my family history lately and i just googled the name william thomas doak as he was fathers great grandfather and it led me to your page. I am wondering if he is the same as yours. My Grandmother is Patricia jones, nee Doak and her father was George Michael Doak and she was born in Ashburton. I would be interested to see if there is some connection with these 2 william thomas doaks. Could you please email me if when you have some spare time.
    Thanks, Kelly

  2. Hi, I am Bruce Grants daughter and i recently found your blog on dad while going through a draw at home where i had put it away and forgoten about it. I would like to say thanks and its really cool hearing about all the silly things dad used to do. Oh and talking to gran the other night she told me that she still has those hedge clippers in the shed haha

  3. Hi Alan
    For some strange reason, or maybe not, I thought to google your name and hey presto stuff came up. I was at Roc Hall in 79 and we used to be friends. I am thrilled to read your stuff and that you seem to be doing okay.


  4. Hi Alan,
    Could you please email me re the possibility of publishing a couple of your photographs of the old Barefoot Originals shop in Wellington.

  5. Hi, I live in Dunedin & imported a 1946 Chris Craft Rocket from Detroit,USA in 2015. It is still having some work done to it but I attended the Antique & Classic Boat Show last year (March 2016) & met the owner of 19′ Chris Craft Racing Runabout (White hull, NY1803 FZ – No.74) & who was kind enough to give me a ride in his boat. You have photos in the NZACBS website gallery starting at 279. I unfortunately did not get his name & contact details (lives & works in Wellington). I’m hoping you can forward them to me or vice versa ie. forward my email to him. Would like to get advice/contacts regarding restoration & repairs. Regards, Paul

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