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Guests weep as boy sings Fix You by ColdPlay

At a recent wedding in Greytown, New Zealand, guests broke down in tears as a young 11 year old boy sung the beautiful Fix You, by ColdPlay. Here’s Arlo singing the song. Please share if you like it!

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Gangnam Style – in Philippine prison

The inmates of Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center in the Philippines have embraced the world-wide hit of rapper Psy, doing their own version of Gangnam Style.

The prisoners at this institution are well known for their ‘flash-mob-type’ dances, having previously done Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Here’s the prisoner video…

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and here’s the original by Psy…

Quickflix fail

I’m trying really hard to be an early adopter. It’s against my natural inclination. So, you can imagine how proud I was of myself when I signed up to Quickflix, the new movie streaming service which launched back in March.

I paid my money, or so I thought. I remember being very under-whelmed by the number of titles available to view. But, I thought, as an early adopter I’m lending my support to something that can only get better.

After I paid I received the confirmation email. So far so good.

Confirmation email - clearly I have subscribed

I tried the service out by starting the stream of Stand by Me – it was slow and the quality wasn’t that great. I decided to wait a few weeks.

Tonight I had another go. Imagine my surprise to find I hadn’t signed up at all. Quickflix had debited my credit card for $0.01 cents but then told me I needed to ‘upgrade’ my membership. I’m guessing that the $0.01 cent charge was a test to see if the credit card worked but this approach was never communicated to me. But, when I login under the My Account tab I get this message:

Does this suggest I have paid?

What’s more to cancel the membership I thought that I had I can’t simply stop the payments online. I need to phone the call centre and actually talk to someone. I don’t want to do this. I ‘joined’ online, I feel like I should be able to ‘unjoin’ on line as well.

Phone to cancel? I don't think so...

The whole experience felt a lot like I was using a site from six years ago, when e-commerce was cutting edge, and really really bad. I just can’t see this working well for them.

When I log in to my account to see my payment history I get this message:

Currently outstanding due to what????

The experience is really confusing, and a bit alarming. I’ve had no further emails to say I need to pay and yet I feel like I’ve signed up.

Quickflix – you need to get your act together and make this better, or I’ll be be phoning to cancel!

Lip reading Joe Biden

This is bloody funny – enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image

Crap advertising placement

Nice one Stuff, I’m already using the Stuff iPhone App!


Betty Turpin dies along with her hotspot recipe

Betty Turpin, of Coronation Street and The Rovers Return, died four days ago aged 91.

Her real name was Betty Driver and she had been on ‘the street’ since 1969. She unsuccessfully auditioned in 1964 for the role of Hilda Ogden.

Betty served behind the bar at The Rovers, but was probably more famous for her Lancashire hotpot that she served the pub patrons – a funny thing given that she was a self-confessed lousy cook and a vegetarian!

Check out the Meateaters website for a Lancashire hotpot recipe.

RIP Betty Driver.

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