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Those that ply alcohol to Jesse Ryder

Revealed today in the SST – the owner of the Stock X Change bar in Christchurch (where Jesse Ryder cut tendons in his hand after pnching out a window) has, on two occasions, given Jesse Ryder a free bar tab – and this is after the event that pushed Ryder into the media spotlight.

Jesse Ryder windowThe owner, Anthony Bailey, thinks that Jesse Ryder doesn’t have a drinking problem.

…in a staggering admission, Bailey confirmed Ryder was given a “small free bar tab”. Asked if he thought this was irresponsible given Ryder’s high-profile battle with the bottle, Bailey responded: “It would be if he had a drinking problem, but Jesse doesn’t.”

Anthony Bailey, given this admission, is probably the sort of irresponsible bar owner that continues to serve intoxicated patrons – cos it’s good for business, especially if the patron causing the inevitable problem has a big profile.

Bailey is further capitalising on this in the SXC Bebo page where photos of Jesse Ryder and the toilet (where the window was smashed) feature, along with other celebrations of the over-indulgence of alcohol.

He’s a bigger idiot than Ryder. Do you need to pass an intelligence test to get a liquor license? Obviously not.

National’s tax cuts will hurt the poor

Surprise, surprise. Finance Minister Bill English fesses up and admits that low paid New Zealanders would have been better off with Labour’s tax-cut policy.

According to the Radio New Zealand website:

Mr English has consistently argued (lied?) that no one will be worse off, but on Thursday conceded Labour’s changes to the lowest marginal tax rate would have done more for some low income workers than National’s tax cuts…

And what is more the Maori Party voted for the changes to the tax law!

Maori Party MP Te Ururoa Flavell acknowledged the legislation will not help the majority of his constituents, and told Parliament it was difficult to accept those earning under $40,000 will receive no tax cut this year.

However, he defended his party’s support of the bill as honouring its confidence and supply agreement with National.

Very honourable. Shit on your people to save face with National. Nice.

Movember madness

maystache winner 2006I managed to scrape a team together at work for Movember. This is a departure for Click Suite in that we normally celebrate May-stache – but while Movember is for a cause Maystache is just for fun (and a trophy). That’s me as the 2006 Maystache Winner.

As I said to my (now) Mo Brothas – Movember raises money for Prostate Cancer, and for depression, and you’d be depressed if you had either.

So, if you feel the urge to donate – and I hope you do – then here’s the link for me: Donate to Skinny’s Movember effort.

Apologies for moderation

To everyone posting comments. I’ve had to turn moderation on due to a concerted spam effort from some pesky Russians. Once it dies down I’ll remove moderation again. Thanks for being patient.

Wellington Prison set to close – temporarily

Oddity for the week:

Wellington Prison, previously known as Mt Crawford Prison, is set to close temporarily due to a lack of prisoners. Apparently there is a seasonal downturn in the numbers of criminals. The few remaining prsioners are being relocated back to prisons in their home districts.

This is all a bit curious when the government is building brand new prisons in other areas of the country. And the ‘seasonal downturn’ is odd…I had never thought of crime as being seasonal.

The Hawkins liquor bill

George Hawkins, after a week of murder, mayhem and violence in Manurewa is reacting to public sentiment by sneaking a bill through Parliament to reduce the number of liquor outlets…some would say he’s buying votes with this bill.

ACT MP Heather Roy says it’s “a knee jerk reaction to a terrible tragedy that could have been prevented but wasn’t.”

Heather Roy’s solution is to find some long term solutions to welfare dependency, and to begin educating those people that abuse alcohol.

While I don’t think reducing the number of liquor outlets is going to result in an immediate reduction in the levels of violence, a long term education policy is going to take years – perhaps generations – to implement and see tangible results. So George’s response in the short term is the most prudent.

If the murder of Navtej Singh hadn’t occurred in his liquor store would we be having this debate? Presumably the murderers targeted Navtej Singh’s store because they thought there’d be lot’s of money in the till – in their eyes it was a better, more profitable target than a dairy or hamburger joint.

TV3 had interesting statistics tonight which showed liquor stores per head of population is greater in Dunedin, Christchurch than it is in Manurewa – by nearly a factor of 2:

Liquor laws: Will changing them make any difference?

The police deal with drunk people every day, and they don’t all live in Manurewa, or Mangere, or Otara. They wander around The Viaduct Basin, and Courtenay Place and a lot of them are young and middle class, and not on welfare.

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