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Guests weep as boy sings Fix You by ColdPlay

At a recent wedding in Greytown, New Zealand, guests broke down in tears as a young 11 year old boy sung the beautiful Fix You, by ColdPlay. Here’s Arlo singing the song. Please share if you like it!

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Karl Malden RIP

Karl Malden died today aged 97 years old.

Many people my age will only remember him as Lt. Mike Stone in the 1970s television show The Streets of San Francisco, where he starred alongside a very young Michael Douglas.

But it was watching him as Father Corrigan, the fearless Catholic priest in On the Waterfront that I recognised, and was surprised at his brilliant acting skill. Marlon Brando was his co-star in that movie.

In some ways tragic that a whole generation only knew him as a TV cop.

So, here’s to a great actor.

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Rove McManus is doing the jiggy

Blue Heeler cattle dog that had a famous TV show named after itWell, there are a few women in my office that will be disappointed to hear that Rove McManus (he of hit show Rove ) has found new love. He’s confirmed, via his manager, that he’s in love with Tasma Walton – star of Blue Heelers .

I watched a little bit of his show last Friday, and I must admit I thought to myself, “When is it appropriate to hook up with someone new after your wife dies?”

Apparently it’s less than a year.

Good on him I say.

Ellen DeGeneres and the puppy

Half the world is starving, there’s a war in Iraq where people are dying, global warming threatens to sink the planet, and Ellen deGeneres weeps publicly about a puppy.

I could not believe what I was seeing! If I didn’t think she was already being over psychoanalysed then I’d say she needed some serious psychoanalysis.

To sit on the set of your own TV show and weep in front of millions of viewers – and then suffer the indignity of this ‘news’ event being sent around the world for countless other millions to share it as well is ludicrous.

Ellen adopted a puppy from a shelter. She took it home, after spending $3000 on therapy to aclimatise the cat to it’s presence, only to find it was $3000 wasted. So, she gave the puppy away.

Here’s where the problem lies. The small print says she’s not allowed to give the puppy away, and the shelter moves to remove the said canine.

The children from the puppy’s new home are devastated. Ellen is more devastated. The puppy doesn’t give a shit.

There is more psychoanalysis waiting for the children, for Ellen, and a for a host of overly sensitive puppy owners.

Watch the video and be amazed.

YouTube Ellen deGeneres

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