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TV3 news tonight

TV3 news was laughable tonight if it wasn’t so tragic.

The lead story was the tragic case of Karla Cardno’s biological father being accused of sex offenses, dating from two years after the death of his daughter.

Gary Duffin sought name suppression for himself and his wife saying that the fact he was Karla Cardno’s father would bring undue publicity to his case. The judge turned his application down.

Where did the item play on TV3 news? It was the lead story. Looks like Gary was right.

The third story in a crime ridden bulletin concerned the death of a one year old baby in Rotorua. At the time of publication an occupant in the house had been charged with assault but the results of the autopsy were inconclusive.

But that didn’t stop an overly zealous cameraman and reporter beefing their story up with suggestive imagery.

They identify the house even though they blur the number on the letterbox. For your information is in Edmund Road, near a corner. It’s a 1950’s bungalow built of sandy coloured brick.

Edmund Street, Rotorua

Edmund Street, Rotorua

Then it’s inferred by the camera work that the people inside drink and discard their bottles in the gutter. (That’s the house in the background).

There is no such thing as privacy when it gets in the way of a good story.

Wellington Prison set to close – temporarily

Oddity for the week:

Wellington Prison, previously known as Mt Crawford Prison, is set to close temporarily due to a lack of prisoners. Apparently there is a seasonal downturn in the numbers of criminals. The few remaining prsioners are being relocated back to prisons in their home districts.

This is all a bit curious when the government is building brand new prisons in other areas of the country. And the ‘seasonal downturn’ is odd…I had never thought of crime as being seasonal.

Give this guy a job…

Self taught eighteen year old superhacker, Owen Walker, needs to be given a job, not a jail sentence.

If he receives a community based sentence hopefully they’ll put his immense computer knowledge to work rather than have him removing graffiti or sweeping leaves.

Walker created his own bot code, which police say is “considered by international cyber crime investigators to be among the most advanced bot programming encountered”.

Obviously the boy is a genius. If his genius is channeled in the right direction he could make himself, and whoever employed him, a lot of money.

Read more here.

Victim compensation

National introduced a riveting new initiative yesterday – a compensation scheme for victims. The way it works is that every criminal pays $50 to the victim of his or her crime. National claims this will generate $5 million of revenue.

All I can see is that each victim will get $50, less the cost of administration, less the average number of offenders that don’t pay the levy…leaving the victim in the vicinity of $12.84.

Will the victim be taxed on that amount?

The NZ Herald reports:

“Victims of crime have been neglected for too long,” Mr Key said. “It’s time we gave them the support they deserve. A National Government will re-empower victims of crime.”

How is giving victims $50 empowering them?

How is making the offender pay $50 punishing them?

Mr Key says the levy (fine) “would help victims with one-off expenses not covered by ACC or other state help, such as travel to court and additional counselling”

Oh please…

William Bell has a sore head

There won’t be many people upset about the fact that the RSA triple-killer, William Bell , is in hospital with a life threatening head wound.

Bell is serving a 33 non-parole sentence – the longest ever dished out to a criminal – for the murders he committed in 2002.

While Bell received his just desserts at the hands of the court his treatment at the hands of another convicted criminal seems more appropriate.

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