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Tim Pankhurst – Editor of the Dominion Post

Can anyone tell me what Tim Pankhurst is doing in America?Tim Pankhurst in America

He will say that he’s there as a recipient of a Jefferson Fellowship but to me it looks like:

  • he’s on a junket
  • he’s preventing a real working journalist from taking a place

To apply for this fellowship you must be a

“…working print, broadcast and on-line journalist with a minimum of five years of professional experience from the United States and the Asia Pacific region”.

I think that Tim is both over qualified (he’s an editor for gods sake – isn’t he supposed to be managing the DomPost?) and under qualified (he hasn’t done much of late for writing or journalism in general).

In accepting this Fellowship he’ll be out of the country for our own election – what sort of committment does that demonstrate to probably the most important new event in the last three years? I’ll tell you – none!

Grow up Tim. Accept the fact that you’re in management – at the highest level – and that these Fellowships and opportunities are more suited to the real workers on the ground.

Oh, I forgot, they’ll be too busy covering the General Election.

Facebook group targets Tony Veitch

LATEST: At 4.15pm Tony Veitch holds a press conference and admits the assault. On Close Up Michelle Boag makes the ‘speech mark’ signal with her hands when she mentions the ‘victim’ as if to say Veitch’s ex wasn’t a ‘victim’, even though he just admitted the assault.

The Facebook Group “Boycott Tony Veitch” is definitely gone from Facebook, and a new group “The boycott of the boycott media appearances by Veitch” has appeared instead. As of 8.00pm it had 16 members.

LATEST: 2.34pm: It appears this group has been removed. Does anyone have any information on this?

With revelations in Stuff this morning that Tony Veitch allegedly broke four vertebrae in his ex-girlfriends back the Facebook crowd are swift to react.

A new group “Boycott Tony Veitch” has been established. You need to be logged in to Facebook to see it. As of midday today there were 74 members.

The crowd has gone wild.

Word is out that the Dominion Post have more revelations to come.

Newspaper marketing

The Dominion Post has been running an aggressive campaign in our neighbourhood…free newspaper five days a week for three weeks…the promotion has just ended.

Nearly every driveway in the local environs had the promotional paper – you could tell promotion from actual by the distinctive packaging.

Last night I got a call from the Fairfax call-centre: Did I enjoy my free paper? I did. Would I like to subscribe? Tell me more? We can offer you the Dominion Post for 14 or 26 weeks at half the price of the newsagent or dairy. That’s a good offer [pause]…[longer pause]…but, no thanks.

Well, I might be regretting it today, but whether I have let go of a good offer or not I couldn’t help wonder what this promotion was telling me about the current state of Dominion Post subscriptions.

I’m left with the impression that things are not great in newspaper-land. That was an offer almost too good to be true – it almost smacked of desperation. While retail spending is down and shops are offering a routine 50-70% off the RRP the same heavy discounting seems to be happening in the world of newspapers.

If it had been the NZ Herald I might have said yes.

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