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Leave a comment for Tony Veitch

The Tony Veitch saga has aroused a great deal of commentary and rumour-mongering.

A person who left a comment on a post I wrote about Tony Veitch some time ago was looking for somewhere to leave a comment directed personally to Tony.

Well, here’s your chance. Leave your comments here and I’ll make sure he gets to see them. Honest.

Be careful what you say. No defamatory comments please.

Matthew Ridge and Tony Veitch

Matthew Ridge said today he would reconsider his appearances on A Game of Two Halves knowing what he now knows about Tony Veitch.

I am pleased that Matthew Ridge has publicly condemned Veitch’s behaviour. It was a bit of a surprise because on the surface I wouldn’t have expected a man such as Ridge with the public persona of a larrikin and loud-mouth to be so forthright in coming forward. It is proof of the widespread condemnation of Tony Veitch’s actions. Good on you Matthew.

I’m trying to work out who actually was ever a fan of Tony Veitch. I asked around at work.

The young guys in their mid to late twenties all said they couldn’t stand him. “Bloody loud-mouth”, “up himself wanker” I think were the terms used.

Some of the women at work (same age as the guys) didn’t even know who he was…

Then there’s me. OK, so I admit it – before this event I thought he was bloody good. He had energy. I thought his sports reading on TV One was vibrant – he made me want to pay attention. And the on-screen energy between him and Bernadine Oliver-Kirby was very relaxed. They appeared to be good friends. Compare them to Simon Dallow and Wendy Petrie and you’ll soon see what I mean.

He’s now lost his accreditation to the Olympic Games on behalf of TVNZ. I can’t see how they can keep him on as a presenter even after the games. Radio is looking a little more hopeful, perhaps because we don’t have to look at him. Visual cues are so much more powerful than audible ones.

Back at the end of 2007 there was a story that appeared in the NZ Herald about stars and celebrities getting off with lighter sentences than the general public in similar circumstances. The story related to Brent Todd:

“…within days of sentencing, the news was out: the 43-year-old had been seen lounging in the sun and lifting weights at best pal Matthew Ridge’s home, where he is serving his sentence.”

And a little later in the article:

Preventing Violence in the Home executive director Jane Drumm believes celebrities – particularly sports stars – often receive an easy run when they fall foul of the law.

“With the glory of being a famous person, you also should have the some sense of responsibility to be a role model, because that’s what you are being put up as.”

Ms Drumm says when celebrities seem to get away with violent behaviour – whether against a wife or partner, or a stranger in a bar – it tends to trivialise the offending.

“I think that regardless of who you are, everyone should have the same access to the law.”

Women’s Refuge chief executive Heather Henare agrees celebrities have long appeared to get lenient treatment from the courts, and wants some “fairness across the board”.

“Each person should be treated on the merits of their case, as opposed to who they are.”

Tony Veitch is now under investigation by the police. He may well face court proceedings. He has been publicly humiliated. He’s probably lost his income (rumoured to be $600K a year across the three positions).

Violence just doesn’t pay.

Facebook group targets Tony Veitch

LATEST: At 4.15pm Tony Veitch holds a press conference and admits the assault. On Close Up Michelle Boag makes the ‘speech mark’ signal with her hands when she mentions the ‘victim’ as if to say Veitch’s ex wasn’t a ‘victim’, even though he just admitted the assault.

The Facebook Group “Boycott Tony Veitch” is definitely gone from Facebook, and a new group “The boycott of the boycott media appearances by Veitch” has appeared instead. As of 8.00pm it had 16 members.

LATEST: 2.34pm: It appears this group has been removed. Does anyone have any information on this?

With revelations in Stuff this morning that Tony Veitch allegedly broke four vertebrae in his ex-girlfriends back the Facebook crowd are swift to react.

A new group “Boycott Tony Veitch” has been established. You need to be logged in to Facebook to see it. As of midday today there were 74 members.

The crowd has gone wild.

Word is out that the Dominion Post have more revelations to come.

Tony Veitch stood down

The revelations about Tony Veitch in the Dominion Post yesterday were shocking.

  1. Shocking that he is alleged to have perpetrated this crime against his former girlfriend
  2. Shocking that he paid her $100,000 to keep quiet about it
  3. Shocking that he didn’t deny the allegation (in the public mind that’s an admission)
  4. Shocking that a high profile and popular presenter would stoop to injuring his girlfriend to the extent she was confined to a wheelchair.

This is if it’s true (see #3).

TVNZ and The Radio Network responded slowly to the news. They gave him the benefit of the doubt, for a day. That delay made them look like they condoned the behaviour.

And as this event shows violence in the family happens irrespective of what side of the train tracks you live on.

We are reminded of the departure of Clint Brown from TV3 in 2006. Brown, also a sports presenter, was stood down over allegations of drunk and abusive behaviour. This included making derogatory remarks about Maori women, kicking a taxi and insulting a customer’s wife. He was beaten up as a result and suffered a fractured eye socket and chipped teeth.

TV3 lost a respected and popular presenter. Now TVNZ have suffered the same fate.

Research suggests that if there is violence in one relationship, there was probably violence in previous and subsequent relationships. If Veitch doesn’t front up to his actions then we can be assured people from his past will reveal other discretions.

We haven’t heard the last of this.

[TVNZ have already removed him from the ONE News Team page but the Game of Two Halves page still features him. Surely he’s not on the show this Friday?]

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