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Rankin on Sunday

Christine Rankin on TVNZ's Sunday

Christine Rankin on TVNZ's Sunday

Christine Rankin appeared on Sunday last night.

Janet McIntyre read a statement from Margo McAuley’s sister. Christine Rankin read her own.

What possesses Christine Rankin to keep trying to justify her life to the nation? She should just be quiet. The more appropriate course of action would have been to accept the Family Commission position and then shut up. Just don’t engage with the media. Perhaps she’s using Glenda Hughes, who similarly instructed Tony Veitch to talk to the media when what he should have been doing was keeping his head down.

Christine Rankin knows how the media works. She knows that everything she says, especially now, will cause controversy. As hard as it is for her she needs to button her lip and take advice from the Prime Minister and only comment on things to do with families and children.

”As far as I’m concerned she’s been appointed a commissioner, one of seven in a part-time job, to advocate for families and particularly because of her expertise when it comes to abused children,” Mr Key said today.

”That’s what I want to hear her talking about and nothing else.”

Christine Rankin stupidly went on prime time television and made a statement that completely contradicts what Margo McAuley’s family believes happened – this only piques our interest.

Now we all want to know who is telling the truth.

Paul Henry, Alison Mau and TVNZ

Many of you will have caught up with Paul Henry and his reaction to Stephanie Mills and her facial hair. We shouldn’t be surprised about Paul’s insensitivity or opinions.

What we might be more surprised about is Alison Mau’s comments as a reaction to Paul. In amongst reading the emails from irate and upset viewers she finally admitted what many of us have known for a long time – TVNZ is not serious about news – they are only interested in making ‘good’ telly and if good telly means they have to criticise and make fun of a woman’s facial hair, then so be it.

Reading out the emails and reaction to Paul’s comments Mau says without even a hint of irony:

“…but in actual fact, when you think about it, we need people to watch the television that we’re making, for good or ill, and I think, you know, even though you have been quite vile this morning, it’s…you know…it makes good telly…”

Scroll through to around 02:52 and watch her say it, live on the television.

TVNZ is only interested in crap, but especially in crap that generates an audience.

There’ll be a lot more of this rubbish when National removes the charter. At about that time I’ll be upgrading my Fatso subscription so I never have to watch TV again.

Tony Veitch stood down

The revelations about Tony Veitch in the Dominion Post yesterday were shocking.

  1. Shocking that he is alleged to have perpetrated this crime against his former girlfriend
  2. Shocking that he paid her $100,000 to keep quiet about it
  3. Shocking that he didn’t deny the allegation (in the public mind that’s an admission)
  4. Shocking that a high profile and popular presenter would stoop to injuring his girlfriend to the extent she was confined to a wheelchair.

This is if it’s true (see #3).

TVNZ and The Radio Network responded slowly to the news. They gave him the benefit of the doubt, for a day. That delay made them look like they condoned the behaviour.

And as this event shows violence in the family happens irrespective of what side of the train tracks you live on.

We are reminded of the departure of Clint Brown from TV3 in 2006. Brown, also a sports presenter, was stood down over allegations of drunk and abusive behaviour. This included making derogatory remarks about Maori women, kicking a taxi and insulting a customer’s wife. He was beaten up as a result and suffered a fractured eye socket and chipped teeth.

TV3 lost a respected and popular presenter. Now TVNZ have suffered the same fate.

Research suggests that if there is violence in one relationship, there was probably violence in previous and subsequent relationships. If Veitch doesn’t front up to his actions then we can be assured people from his past will reveal other discretions.

We haven’t heard the last of this.

[TVNZ have already removed him from the ONE News Team page but the Game of Two Halves page still features him. Surely he’s not on the show this Friday?]

Meatloaf was robbed

Andy Gilmour as MeatloafThe first episode of TVNZ’s Stars in their Eyes served up four quite mediocre singers. Leaving the best til last a fat man called Andy revealed he would be performing Meatloaf.

And was he good? You bet he was!

But who won? Some cute blond Swedish girl singing some unrecognisable pap. People, the show is about who sings the song the most like the original artist. Get with the program.

Meatloaf was robbed. It’s bad enough that I watched this crap, but then to sit and see the best person lose was unbearable.

Have I made my point already?

Lombard Finance in trouble

Another finance company bites the dust, or at least puts a hold on the repayment of funds.

Lombard Finance, with it’s ‘strong’ image of roman columns is the latest in a long string of finance companies that have hit the wall. When will it end? Who will be next?

Lombard’s chief executive, Michael Reeves, blamed the latest collapse “on a systematic failure of an entire industry”.

There are more than likely to be well performing finance companies out there who will be unjustly affected by this latest collapse, as investors rush to remove their funds and deposit them in more secure investments. But, I can’t imagine any amount of advertising or spin being able to reassure the public that even reputable firms are ‘safe’ – people are just too scared. And so more collapses are likely.

On a more purile note, TVNZ has lost another sponsor…Capital Merchant (collapsed in December 2007) sponsored the late news. Lombard Finance sponsored the Sunday Theatre (I think…please correct me if I’m wrong)…and while they haven’t collapsed, Hanover sponsor the weather updates – will they be next? I hope not.

Here’s the advertisement: in these turbulent times perhaps we should be investing our money in RaboPlus…the only bank in New Zealand with a Triple A rating. They consistently pay the best rates (at least in the short/medium term) for funds, and their on-call account returns almost the same (8.35% p.a) as some of these finance companies were for term deposits.   (Hanover is returning 8.25% for one and two month Term Deposits).

Disclaimer: I’m a Click Suite account manager working on the RaboPlus account.

TVNZ and Sunday

For two weeks in a row the Sunday program has played only one local item out of the three they usually put to air. That equates to about 12 minutes of a commercial hour on TV.

I’ve been incensed about this for some time, given that Sunday received the lions share of funding from NZ On Air. I have just looked it up online and found this story in the NZ Herald.

$2.77 million dollars for one item a week.  As John Drinnan points out that figure would “keep all of Radio New Zealand – including National Radio and Concert FM – on air 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for a month.”

And what’s more the item tonight from BBC Panorama first aired in the UK on 14 May 2007 – so it’s hardly breaking news.

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