For all the endurance riders out there who ride through the night and are looking for petrol when the rest of the country is asleep – here’s the solution for you!

I’ve spent the last week trawling through oil company websites to find all the addresses of 24 hour fuel pumps that are available for EFTPOS and Credit Card. As far as I know none of these locations require the use of a Mobil Card, Allied Card, or any other fuel card.

In most cases I’ve been able to discover what fuel is available at what location. If nothing is listed under ‘fuel type’ then assume that it’s only 91 octane.

The map is obviously a Google Map with 24hr petrol stations overlaid. To use on your phone:

You can use the direction finding capability of Google Maps to plan the quickest route to your 24 hour petrol station.

Note: I take no responsibility for the accuracy of the information. If you find details that are wrong please let me know and I’ll make the relevant changes to the map and re-publish.

9 thoughts on “24 hour petrol stations”

  1. Love the 24hr fuel map you have produced. I pulled it down form the TT2000 site. I’ve just double checked and Taihape is listed as 24hr but seems to have been omitted from your map. Cheers Chris

  2. Lol as I found to my detriment in the TT2000 this year Mobil Murchison is not 24 hours for petrol only diesel

  3. To those of you that were relying on this map for the 2017 TT2000 and turned up at Mobil Murchison (including myself) I apologise that the info provided on the map was wrong. This petrol station has now been removed from the map.

  4. Drove through both Kingston and Lumsden recently and they have the McKeown 24/7 fuel sign up, which according to the McKeown website, accept ordinary credit cards. Also Tokanui Gas is listed as 24/7 but not sure about card acceptance.

  5. Kurow Valley Motors may not be 24hr, but there is a Caltex now which has 24 hr pumps:

    Caltex Kurow Auto Services @ -44.732201, 170.469572
    26 Bledisloe Street, Kurow
    Ph. +643436 0839

    I called and confirmed.

  6. Thanks Chris – I removed the Kurow Valley Motors one and added the Kurow Auto Services. TBH there are so many 24 hour service stations now that you’d be hard-pressed NOT to find one 🙂

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