American men – on TV

I’ve just had my weekly TV fix of Brothers and Sisters (TV One, 8.30pm Mondays). We’re up to the third episode.

  • Episode 1 – promising – effective set up of the family and characters
  • Episode 2 – not so good
  • Episode 3 – enjoyable and watchable – has finally established itself as a worthwhile show.

But, as Sugar and I watched I couldn’t help thinking that all the men looked alike – they just had different haircuts. At one point I had to ask Sugar for a reminder of who was who – especially the two men who play Calista Lockhart’s romantic attachments. To me the men all had eyes too far apart, they were all ‘built’, they had perfect teeth, and bad haircuts. Apparently this is deemed attractive to most women.

Thankfully they have added little quirks to each of the characters to aid in the differentiation. One of the brothers has a scar through his right eyebrow; another brother is gay and has curlier hair…well, you can tell I’m getting desperate…

John Howard - lipless Prime Minister of AustraliaOn another note but still to do with the looks of men – I am sharing with you a deeply found view of the Australian male, and it is this: Australian men do not have lips.

I have had this theory for many many years, I nearly began to research the fact. For a start take a look at the Australian House of Representatives website and count the number of men with lips. I’m not saying they don’t have lips per se, just that the majority of them have a very very narrow top lip, and in most cases a narrower than normal bottom lip.

The only reason I can come up with for this generic trait is that they are all descendants of a lip-less convict, or, that the harsh climate in Australia has meant that they have bred themselves lip-less in an effort to remove the threat of chaffed and dry lips. After all, you can’t get sunburnt on your lip if you don’t have one.

So, there you go. Two theories from Skinny, none of which are intended to defame or ridicule or imply anything whatsoever. They are merely observations.

Oh, and I have a new theme to my blog – you’re looking at it. If you squint really hard you will see that I have lips but no hair, my eyes are perfectly spaced but I’m not particularly well-built. You can’t have it all.