A convicted murderer, who is found guilty a second time, is revealed by TVNZ to have a page on MySpace.

Antonie Dixon, who murdered James Te Aute, and severed the hand of his girlfriend, and mutilated her friend was revealed on MySpace boasting about his notoriety, and garnering some pity for his life as a troubled youngster.

Before the site is pulled here are a few features of the page found at http://www.myspace.com/antoniedixon [UPDATE: Dixon’s MySpace site is no longer available.]

Antonie Dixon and friends

A nice picture of Antonie and his tattoos, with friends.

Antonie Dixon\'s profile

Hometown, Auckland, at least for the next 20 years.

Antonie Dixon

Keen to find new friends.

Social networking at it’s best. Antonie currently has four friends. I didn’t bother to check them out.

3 thoughts on “Antonie Dixon and MySpace”

  1. lol, got to be joking wouldnt be surprised if he has a bebo and facebook account ha.

  2. Where I worked in South Auckland a few years ago. One of the Customers who was friend of a couple of my work mates at the time told me that he personally new Antonie. That before he did his crime he was a Phsycotic Nutter. Just thought I’d mention that bit of here say as alot of people who don’t know shit would say otherwise.

  3. I am A friend of Renee, what that looser put her and others through is revoulting. Could not have happened to a nicer girl. People say she was a cookie monster, well see her running around chopping and shooting people up? I am so happy that jerk is dead, hope he R.F.E.

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