It was revealed today the Prime Minister knew that Owen Glenn had donated money to Winston Peters right back in February.

Surely this is the most damning information of this sorry saga. As John Armstrong says:

She will thus be accused of withholding the information in order to both protect Peters and protect her administration.

It smells like a bucket of six day old scampi.

Helen needs to stop kidding us that she hasn’t been keeping Winston on deck until the ETS is signed and delivered – cos that’s what it looks like despite her assertions to the contrary.

The ‘secret agenda’ of the National Party has paled into insignificance in the midst of this debacle.

Even though the recent Herald-DigiPoll survey showed the gap closing between National and Labour this can only be good for National. Clark’s every word since February will be scrutinised to see that she has been consistent in her defense (or otherwise) of Winston.

And just as Winston says he didn’t attend the Karaka sales in 2006 there is likely to be evidence to the contrary on Clark. [View the picture of Winston Peters at the Karaka 2006 Sales here]

My god – I sound like a Tory sympathiser!

One thought on “Clark knew all along”

  1. In reality Helen Clark was only being sensible when she kept a lid on Owen Glenn’s claim, and Winston’s denial.
    Like the Winston/Bob Jones saga, it would have just added to the pile of unreliable recall from a couple of the country’s ageing bull artists.
    She no doubt bore in mind a previous performance when Owen Glenn showed himself to be an unreliable ego tripper.This is the man who told a reporter earlier this year that Helen Clark had promised him the transport portfolio in her cabinet if he would return to New Zealand. He has I believe admitted this was bullshit on his part, but it is a pretty good reason to regard his word as less than gospel.

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