Some readers of this blog will be happy to see me finally criticise Labour.

It seems the party are the first offenders in breaching the Electoral Finance Act. They published a pamphlet called “We are making a difference” which outlined their policies and achievements – which is clearly electioneering – and neglected to add authorisation details. This is a breach.

Labour were not penalised for the breach, which would (and has) rightly piss off those parties and individuals who have been stridently opposed to the legislation.

The Electoral Commission is now looking into other breaches by the Labour Party – one involves a balloon. The question has to be asked: Why is tax-payers money being used to investigate a balloon?

I can imagine the investigation question line:

  1. Who blew up the balloon?
  2. How many politicians does it take to blow up a balloon?
  3. What happened to the balloon once the ‘event’ was over?
  4. Was the balloon offered to a child as an incentive to vote in the 2017 election?

One thought on “Electoral Finance Act breach”

  1. We in the DAFT Party believe that the EFA is way too silly even for us! We have proposed a new system of regulating political party’s election spending. Please look at our PEA policy here.

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