Final Results TT2000 2016

I’m not going to publish the complete results of the TT2000 as that would be a breach of privacy, and some of the front-runners had very fast times over very long distances. So fast and so long that it’s almost impossible to conceive of them having pulled it off.

I was very pleased with my final result though – 12th out of a field of 87. I’m pretty happy with that given I’ve never done a TT before, and given that my ride wasn’t overly strenuous. I’m very keen to improve on my result next year. And when you think that I only knew where ONE of the mystery checkpoints was, well, again, I’ll just say that I impressed myself.

Thanks again to all the organisers. It was a great event. We need more like this throughout the year.

6 thoughts on “Final Results TT2000 2016”

  1. GIdday Alan congratulations on completing your first TT,it’s a great feeling (and awfully addictive) yeah ya right mate it is all about planning and maintaining a constant pace, speed only burns up fuel and fatigues you,the great thing about the TT is that you can do as much or as little as you want there are many riders (if not all) capable of a top ten result.All the best brother and look forward to seeing you at next years event. STRETCH 😊

  2. Hey Stretch – I had a ball and will definitely be back next year. My next challenge (which I hope to do the weekend after next) is ride 1500 miles in 36 hours – called an Iron Butt Bunburner. I was lucky enough to get a slot in the Iron Butt Rally for 2017 – just working out if I can actually afford to go. It means I have to do a ton of practice!! And then the NI1600 in October (mustn’t forget to register).
    See you around I’m sure!

  3. Greetings Skinny
    Yes the TT is addictive. Done 7, 1 a DNF due to wheel bearing failure.
    Never done the NI 1600, Stretch has been trying to get me up there but being at sea buggers that. Did a few of the Chatto Creek 1600’s when they were running. So was that you on the GS at Pudding Hill l bumped into about 4am and asked me about fuel? Good luck with the IB. 11000miles in 11 days! Doesn’t come much harder than that. A friend of mine who sadly passed away recently completed two of those and wrote a book about it.
    Oh we’ll see you next Feb.
    Captain Carefree

  4. Howdy Chris – I can’t even remember where Pudding Hill is 🙂 I don’t think I went there so, no it wasn’t me!
    Re the IBR – it certainly is a BIG challenge. The first hurdle is working out if I can afford it. I only have a week or so to go to make up my mind (persuade my wife!). Opportunity of a life time right?
    The NI1600 is great – it’s a hard slog – probably harder than the TT I reckon as it’s more intense. But I guess that depends on how hard you push yourself in either event.
    See you next year. I’ll be the guy in the middle of the pack taking my time and conserving my energy!

  5. If you need a start/and or end witness for your IBA 1500 Mile ride you can get my number off Bradley (the builder) or you should have my email address. Cheers Stretch

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