Getting your hands dirty

Just spotted John McGrath, mayoral candidate for Wellington, supervising 4, maybe 5 workers erecting a campaign sign on Khandallah Road. He stood there, looking very grim with his arms folded, not keen on destroying the crease of his pressed jeans, or muddying his manicured hands.

I can’t imagine Carl Gifford standing back. In fact, Carl’s billboards look handcrafted all the way – large sheets of painted industrial ply with colourful caricatures of the candidate. And I’m imagining he himself drove the posts into the ground and nailed the placards.

1 point to Gifford, minus 1 to McGrath.

5 thoughts on “Getting your hands dirty”

  1. those billboards of john mcgrath are ridiculous! could you imagine basing your entire campaign around no policies, but a whole load of blatant lies!

    he’s going for the “oh, i recognise that name” vote …

    one policy “i will ban smoking in public parks” whoopeedo.

  2. I agree entirely Brenda…lightweight with no message to speak of. Less than a one trick pony.

    But, who are the alternatives if I don’t want to vote for Kerry? As I have said on previous posts, Paul Bailey was impressive but he just hasn’t backed himself. For a strategic marketing consultant he’s doing a bad bad job on selling himself!

  3. I’m sure he wouldn’t do much at all except install a luge around the Happy Valley tip – which is about as on par with John McGraths platform.

    My point was that Gifford wins on creativity, and getting his hands dirty.

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