What a great game. Fast and furious. Exciting to watch, and a cliff hanger until nearly the end.

The Australians played with real passion. And there was no doubt that Robbie Deans created that passion. Team members spoken to during the week spoke of how Robbie makes the game fun. Hmmm… I’d be surprised if an All Black came out and said the same of Graham Henry.

While the win for Australia wasn’t a shock to me it was very surprising to hear Assistant Coach Steve Hansen speak after the game and express surprise that the Australians had kicked like a team from Canterbury. You’d surely have to be an idiot to think that Robbie Deans wasn’t going to coach the Aussies in the winning way he coached the Crusaders – wouldn’t you?

This is the second biggest margin that Australia has had over New Zealand in test history. The game in Auckland next week is bound to be a ripper.