William Fitzsimmons

Where have I been all these months? With my head in a hole obviously.

My colleague Zef alerted me to the joys of www.last.fm – and what a joyous day it was.

Fleet Foxes performs tomorrow night at the SFBH here in Wellington. I like their music. So, I type their name into last.fm and a plethora of sound-a-like bands and artists present themselves to me. I found The Dodos (who are playing at the SFBH on Friday) and the odd-looking singer-songwriter William Fitzsimmons (pictured).

I’m officially in heaven.

This site is a perfect example of how making music available in it’s entirety can lead to sales for that artist. After hearing the ‘matches’ with the artists I currently like I’m sorely tempted, when finances allow, to purchase the real disks of these artists.

Unlike Warners, who have extracted their artists off YouTube, the artists and distributors on LastFM realise that this is a new way of establishing a following.

Thank goodness for that.

3 thoughts on “Last FM”

  1. Welcome to the club 🙂 It really is good at finding similar artists, and I’m glad that you got there just in time for the Fleet Foxes.

    I have sent you an invitation to another music service that is doing the rounds – Spotify, it operates on a slightly different principle but is similar in that it gives you good quality free music. The only catch is you have to listen to an advert once in a while, but otherwise you can type any artist in a pull up many of their songs.

  2. Thanks for the link but – “Spotify free is not available in your country” – the perils of living on the other side of the world.

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