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The Tony Veitch saga has aroused a great deal of commentary and rumour-mongering.

A person who left a comment on a post I wrote about Tony Veitch some time ago was looking for somewhere to leave a comment directed personally to Tony.

Well, here’s your chance. Leave your comments here and I’ll make sure he gets to see them. Honest.

Be careful what you say. No defamatory comments please.

25 thoughts on “Leave a comment for Tony Veitch”

  1. Thanks for providing a spectacle for us to focus on, rather than having to go through the bother of thinking and/or solving actual issues.

    Can we move on now though please?

  2. Thanks for helping me procrastinate from my assignments last night by watching Campbell Live instead of studying. First and only time Johnny Boy will get me in his audience. P.S. Have a nap, you look pretty crap/tired.

  3. At last the saga of Tony Veitch is over and I now hope he can get on witjh his life.Yes there is a lot of domestic violence in the country but do we hear about them.No.if Tony wasn’t a person who worked in the public eye would we have heard about this and I say no.Maybe Kristen dunn-Powell might like to compansate Tony as she was more than fairly looked after.I hope TVNZ will give him his job back and be back on the Game of Two Halves.Tony Veitch is the maker of the program and i have never watched it since he resigned. All the best.

  4. My message for Tony, I just heard the news tonight and am pretty devastated at what i heard. Tony, dont leave us. I know how you feel as i have been there done that a couple of times many years ago. You did something wrong yes BUT you helped yourself straight away, you had counselling and realise what you did was wrong, so forget about what everyone thinks, this time is about YOU and only YOU. Dont let them win Tony, if you give up you’ve let them win. Become selfish and learn to love yourself, you know how you feel like crap right now, well think to yourself, what can i do to make myself happy. You say you love your wife and spending time with her, disappear and take time out with her mate. You have to learn to love yourself and those important to you again cause at the moment all you are thinking about is all the bad stuff thats been going on. I hope this message gets to you and i hope it helps, dont let them win mate, you, your wife and your family are more important than anything and anybody else. Regards Michelle

  5. Dear Tony

    I hope you have the oportunity to read my message. Tony hold your head high and know you ARE A GOOD PERSON. I know it doesn’t feel that way right now but things will only get better, just one day at a time.
    I was beaten and abused badly by my stepfather for 7 years until I left home at 15, then beaten and abused for another 11 years by my ex husband. I am now 46, happily married and not frightened of men anymore. Knowing and admitting that you have made mistakes is a great thing, I want you to know and believe that you, are a real man. You stood up and took responsibility and I respect you for that. As you are well aware there is never an excuse to hit a woman, but nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. Tony be strong and fight back, don’t you dare give up. Ignore the negative comments people make about you. In my opinion they are very shallow and nieve and have no real understanding of what you are going through. Look in the mirror every day and tell yourself, I LIKE MYSELF I’M A REALLY NICE PERSON and Tony one day you will believe it again. Look at your wife and see her smile and fight, fight all the way and don’t you give up, she needs you.

    I sincerely wish you well
    Kindest regards

  6. Hang in there Tony because you have so much to offer us, through a variety of media on sport. Many of us thrive on sport, especially me, so we need people like you who have a genuine passion in this area.
    Best of luck Tony.

  7. This story is getting by far way too big. My thoughts are with you and your family. Tony – get well, get strong again and move on. I would welcome your presence back on our television screens or radio.
    Best wishes. Hang in there.

  8. I would just like to reiterate what Michellle (above) says. and add that you are contemplating a long term solution for a short term problem. I know you feel like it is a biggie, but if you can hang on in there the Media will be back to Angelina and Brad in no time. You have a lot of support Tony, probably more than you think. You are in my prayers. Rosemary

  9. Hi Tony

    Things will get better for you even if they don’t feel like it at the moment. Just concentrate on getting better and not your carreer or justifying yourself to the NZ public.


  10. Tony I just want to say, forget about the jibes and negative comments and we my family and I think you are not only sincere but unique,have many talents and a huge heart. I am a nurse and meet many people. keep your head high, know that there are many, many who believe in you. We kiwis feel we know it all, which is just untrue. It will blow over, you have alot to look forward to, may you and your beautiful wife and family have peace soon.
    We have missed your cheerful manner and warmth on our screen.
    Get well Tony, take good care of yourself
    Lizette 🙂

  11. Tony
    Keep the head high – ignore what has been said – its the past and now lets move on and look forward to what the future has in front -dont look back – to you , your family and closest people to you good luck and all the best – NZ does love you

  12. Tony just know there is a lot of support for you and your family at this devastating time.Move on, look up, and reach for the stars.You deserved only the best You came out you paid your dudes Now you can move on to do th eright thing by your wife and family. Go in peace and be happy. We need some decent people back in the spotlight doing the shows please……

  13. Tony and Zoe
    I am really gutted for you guys, please know that there are a lot of us middle new zealanders, who think u are awesome. Tony we can see u are remorseful ( not that we even cared about that)..not many guys bother to go to counselling straight away and you did, YOU should be applauded for your integrity and honesty..
    Tony dont worry about the public, just concentrate on you and zoe and your future, you will move on and get past this, you may feel huge emotions for now, But oneday it will pass..You deserve happiness and i pray you will come out of this pain..you are worth so much and we all make mistakes, forgive yourself and know u are supported
    ka kite

  14. Hi there Tony & Zoe. We experienced a similar event in our family last year (without the media). We live in a small community and “mates” have spread the word around town and now my husband struggles to find work. I have a burning desire to set the record straight but its impossible – our little family understands how you feel. I love my husband more today than ever, Zoe, please give Tony a big hug from us.

  15. I just wonder. If a Maori guy from West Auckland had kicked his partner in the back and given her the bash, would we all be saying “he’s a good guy”? Class, ethnicity and public standing should never excuse domestic violence. No way will I ever watch a show that you may host in the future. What a shocking role model. Shame on you.

  16. Tony,
    Yes you made a mistake, but pick yourself up and make the rest of your life positive. We all make mistakes and you are more manly than most by admitting your mistake. All the best with putting your life back on track. You will do it, although it will take time – have courage.

  17. Tony, years ago I went to see a show in London called “Time” (actually I saw it twice because David Cassidy was the lead). Anyway.. it was about a rock star who was living his life the wrong way, and he had a near death experience. As he was heading towards “the light” he ended up in front of his Counsel.. or whatever they were called… them what have a review of your life before you can go through the pearly gates. Long story short, he agreed with them to come back to Earth and use his high profile to show people a better way of living. I hope one day soon you do this. I’d really like to see you view this episode in your life as the end of one chapter, and the beginning of a new, better one. Humility is the hardest lesson to learn; the key is so basic. It’s not ever about what other people think, because you can never be sure of that. It’s about how honest you are with yourself and your Maker. Absolutely no-one else. You’re an athlete and a very competitive person…get back to the basics – eat, sleep, exercise – and then come back to us… brighter and better than before. I wish you well.

  18. Mary you said that so well, I believe that dispite the current situation that you are far greater than what you think currently, I honour your communication and spunk, I also cannot wait to see what is to come for you, as the furure will shorely shine, again there is alot of love and support out there buddy, we miss you.:)

  19. Hi Tony
    I have just read the sad news that you may be considering moving to Australia. Please don’t go, I was so looking forward to seeing you fit and well and back on our screens. You are loved by heaps of Kiwis. Good luck for the future. Maree

  20. Keep the head high – ignore what has been said – its the past and now lets move on and look forward to what the future has in front -dont look back – to you , your family and closest people to you good luck and all the best – NZ does love you

    best regards
    [email protected]

  21. Tony, depression is crap and I have been there many times, including 6 admissions to ICU for overdose. But life can get better, and if you exercise, eat good food, get plenty of sunshine, and have the support of all your lovely friends and family you can get over this. You don’t need to be a superstar to enjoy the simple things in life. I learnt this the hard way, and one day we will both be well and truly recovered. Try not to take too much medication. It only helps in the short term.

  22. Thanks for providing a spectacle for us to focus on, rather than having to go through the bother of thinking and/or solving actual issues.

  23. I am always interested in how your getting on Tony. You are very muched loved in our household. You hold that head up high. You showed your remorse, and I don’t think Ms Dunne Powell was at all truthful through out. I think she cheated you Tony.I have no time for her at all.

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