McDonalds in Balmoral? No way.

After my weekend posting about the protests against McDonalds setting up shop in Kaikoura Justine from Balmoral made her campaign against McDonalds in her suburb known to me.

Little did I know there are communities around the country fighting to stop this fast-food giant establishing itself.

And the Balmoral people look highly organised indeed. Check out their activity here.

And while we are on the subject, my children have been watching morning TV during their school holidays as a treat. (If I ever have to watch another episode of Ben 10 I’ll scream – loudly.)

McDonalds seem to have moved from advertising the food on morning TV to advertising the games and figurines in an attempt, successfully, to persuade the children to persuade the parents to buy the food.

In my book they are the same thing. The reality is that you can’t get the figurine without buying a burger or a happy meal. Bugger.