So, after my post about McDonalds buying land in Kaikoura I was contacted by the good folk in Balmoral Auckland. They have been fighting to stop a McDonalds restaurant open in their suburb.

TV3 ran a story tonight that said the McDonalds application has been approved – with one proviso: that they aren’t allowed to erect the 10 metre high identifying “Golden Arches”.

Needless to say the Balmoral Community Group are gutted. They continue to fight and are raising funds to appeal the decision.

According to the Balmoral Community Group spokesperson Nathan Inkpen, the biggest walking bus in the country will be passing by the McDonalds restaurant twice a day. Perhaps that is the main reason that the McD’s positioned the site there. After all, we know they like to target the young.

Go to the Balmoral Says No! website to lend your support and help them continue the fight.