Made good progress this weekend.

I have all the components for the internal bracing prepared. The only piece still to be built is the transom pad that the outboard motor screws to.

A few modifications have been made (inadvertently) along the way. The two side pieces didn’t match exactly so I had to plane the taller of the two which in turn means that I’ll need to shave several millimetres off the cross piece. I’m sure that this will not have a detrimental effect on the boat performance. Only issue is if I can bend the plywood on the top that extra distance.

For the rest of this week I’ll be fitting the struts, and the transom pad, and then I’ll start fibre-glassing the interior spaces and all exterior edges.

I have three weeks left, and need to time application of resin along with drying time, sanding and then painting.

I have no idea how you’re supposed to be able to make this in a weekend.

Here’s some pics on progress.

Most of the hard work is done
Most of the hard work is done
Bow, sides, cross piece and struts
Fore strut, sides, cross piece and struts

2 thoughts on “Minimax #2”

  1. The levels of respect for abilities with tools continues to grow in leaps and bounds – such progress, and it sort of looks like what it should look – it is small though – one is left wondering the given all the wrong conditions does one spend an entire weekend holding onto the upturned boat in freezing cold water.

    Good luck – does it have a name yet? A few leap to mind, one of them rhyming with panic.

  2. Haha – it will have a name – to be revealed at a later date – doesn’t rhyme with panic! I will be updating images tonight. The race is on to complete this craft by Friday 5 March. Next week will be spent varnishing, painting, filling, sanding and painting again…

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