Mo-vember doesn’t live up to expectations

Skinny\'s mo for Mo-vemberI woke from a deep sleep this morning listening to Morning Report. I nearly went back to sleep except for the fact that I heard the donations to Mo-vember were down by two-thirds. Only $600,000 collected this year compared to $2.1 million last year.

I took part in the event, as the photo to the right clearly demonstrates (I hope). And I was very happy to do so. I seem to be one of those fortunate men who is not afflicted by aggressive itchiness – this makes me a perfect candidate for any facial hair competition, apart from the fact that I can only grow facial hair, and none on the top of my head (as the photo to the right also demonstrates).

I digress. The organiser of the event thought the low turnout had to do with the failing economy. That might be true. Having an election in the middle of November might have also prevented politicians from getting behind the cause:

  • Imagine what Rodney Hide could have done with the charity.
  • Murray McCully has already proven that he can grow a mo.
  • John Key might have some difficulty.
  • Helen Clark might not.

But sadly, they were all preoccupied with rescuing the nation.

I reckon it’s probably more to do with the fact that New Zealanders do it once and then move on. They can’t be bothered a second or third or fourth time. And so these sorts of events just wither and die, until someone dreams up something equally unfashionable.

Comb-over month, stubbies month, neck-hair month…one of these may one day replace the mo and we can all really make fools of ourselves – with the best intention, and with our partner’s blessing.

In the meantime, as a Mo-bro – can I publicly thank each and everyone of you who donated to my cause. And can I put in a special thanks to my Mum who turned 80 this November and who didn’t bat an eyelid as I posed for photographs with friends and family looking like a complete plonker. In our family Mo-vember will live on through the family photo album.

It’s not too late to donate. Go to and give the cause your cash.