Why is it that whenever John Key reveals policy it’s indirectly, either by an errant backbencher, or as a result of Labour releasing their own.

Tax cuts outlined in Michael Cullen’s budget forced John Key’s hand…he was left with nowhere to turn other than to suggest that his increases in cuts would be brought in sooner than 2011.

Then today a backbencher reveals that National doesn’t believe in making employers contribute to the Kiwisaver scheme.


John Key releases his policy to a crowd of journalists in the Parliament lobby where he publicly marginalises Kate Wilkinson (one of the few remaining women in his party) and states quite bluntly that she didn’t know what she was talking about. So much for her self-esteem.

National need to start releasing some policy and quick. Otherwise they’ll begin to lose votes – probably not enough to lose them the election (OK, so I’m admitting here that they are likely to win) but enough that they’ll have to make some serious deals with other parties to hold on to power.

2 thoughts on “National and Kiwisaver”

  1. “states quite bluntly that she didn’t know what she was talking about. So much for her self-esteem.”

    …because what we should be asking for is *more* politically correct responses from politicians.

    While a little more tact could have been applied, I’m a fan of blutness over politically correct bs.

    – JD

  2. My point was that John Key is publicly dissing a member of his own caucus when he should be seen to be a little more inclusive (in my mind) to win the hearts and minds of the public.

    John Key revealed in the lobby interview (by inference) that there are only a few people in the know in terms of National Party policy.

    This, by definition, excludes the majority of the National Party caucus, and the general public at large. I’m still waiting for firm policy from the man, or at least something other than ‘hedging his bets’ and obfuscation.

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