North Island 1600 – Part 3

So the route has been revealed. This happened last night at 7pm.

Bit of a weird one this time. Seems Turangi is the ‘hub’ from which four rides emanate, each around 300-400kms long.

And as expected I’ve woken to a miserable drizzly day. Thankfully there’s no wind, yet. And the rain is set to intensify. So, I’m sitting in my motel room writing this post. Once I have finished at the keyboard I’ll use the remaining time, before the riders briefing at midday, to improve the waterproofing of all my gear. The electronics is the biggest headache – charging the phone and the GoPro batteries all happens from an external and non-waterproof USB hub. Nothing a plastic bag and some electrical tape can’t solve!

Remember to check in on my Spotwalla track if you want to see where I am. 

Here’s the analogue version of the route as drawn on a map by the organising committee.

The North Island 1600 route for 2017

And here’s an update in the weather forecast for 1am Sunday morning. If all goes to plan I’ll be riding through Taupō on my way to Fairy Springs in Rotorua. Can anyone tell me where the North Island is under all this colourful swirl?

The weather forecast for 1am Sunday 8 October.

And here’s the bike I’ll be riding. Note the New World shopping back protecting my seat. There is a use for plastic. If only I had put that on before it got wet!

The machine