Prendergast takes mayoralty for last time

Here are the results of the election for Wellington mayor:

Candidate Status Iteration Votes
Kerry Prendergast elected 9 21,603
Ray Ahipene-Mercer not elected 9 10,700
Bryan Pepperell not elected 9 9,915
Helene Ritchie not elected 8 7,524
Jack Ruben not elected 7 5,290
Rob Goulden not elected 6 4,166
John McGrath not elected 5 3,431
Carl Gifford not elected 4 1,981
Paul Bailey not elected 3 1,558
Nick Kelly not elected 2 975
Nick Wang not elected 1 822

It seems the voters were overwhelmingly in favour of Kerry holding the chains of office for another 3 years.

She says she’s going to resign in 2010. No doubt Mark Blumsky will be handed back the reins, as he passed them on to Kerry 6 years ago.

And no doubt Bryan Pepperell, Jack Ruben, Ray Ahipene Mercer, Helene Ritchie, and Rob Goulden will all be having another crack at that elusive post.

John McGrath, with his debtors likely to be clamouring, might be happy to be out of the spotlight. He needs to remove his billboards quickly to save embarrassment at such a low level of support.

We get what we deserve, or what we pay for, or who we don’t vote for, as in my case. Wellington will continue to be a vibrant happening capital city, with or without Kerry’s involvement.

2 thoughts on “Prendergast takes mayoralty for last time”

  1. Bank’s comeback in AKL bodes well for a Blumsky return. His energy for the job might have quite an appeal after 9 years of Prendergast’s low key style.

  2. I think that opponents of Blumsky will have a field day with his late night antics down Courtenay Place. Having him return as mayor is a bit like having Jim Hickey back doing the weather on TV – it’s all a little tragic.

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