President Bush feeds a Frenchman a hamburger…

I’m amazed, and saddened that the leader of the free world – George Bush – would feed the President of France – Nicolas Sarcozy – a hamburger, a hot dog and a piece of blueberry pie. Read a transcript of the interview here.

If that is the national food of the USA is it any wonder that they have an obesity epidemic?

And is it any wonder that Cecelia Sarkozy (wife of the French President) made an excuse and didn’t make the visit to the family home. Apparently she was seen shopping a couple of hours later – probably looking for a cafe latte and some decent bread and cheese

2 thoughts on “President Bush feeds a Frenchman a hamburger…”

  1. I don’t know if you read my post on the state of American food, but I think American obesity has two main root causes: selling more food makes more money so of course more will be pushed, and the U.S. government subsidies for corn which keeps corn based foods – anything called ‘processed food’ is a corn based food: coke, fructose, flavourings, preservatives, corn fed meat and chickens. Until the subsidies stop – which in an age of ethanol I see this as unlikely, I doubt that there will be any change.

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