News broke last week that the ghost of a cat had been ‘filmed’ in Hawera.

Donna and Ross Sowerby revealed their stupidity by contacting the Taranaki Daily News to reveal the find.

Close Up and Mark Sainsbury revealed their stupidity by sending a team down there to film them, and then handing on the footage to ‘experts’.

This is the best quote from Donna:

“It must be an intelligent piece of dust to walk around a puddle,” Donna said.

I was a photographer for years. I know a bug on a lens when I see one.

Another quote from Donna:

“You’re going to think we’re crazy but I think it’s a cat…you can see its legs.”

Bugs have legs too.

See for yourself. The ‘cat’ walks around the puddle from the right of the screen. The movie will play automatically.