Swine flu confirmed – it’s here!

News alert!

Lorelei Mason will be wetting her pants with excitement.

Swine flu has been confirmed in three of the Rangitoto College students with the assumption that the remaining students (who are waiting nervously) also have swine flu.

Follow Lorelei’s frenzied ‘twitters’ here where she profoundly states:

Got your Tamiflu yet? Got your masks? If not no drama. Handwashing and hygienic coughing and sneezing advice should see you right.

If swine flu wasn’t so serious this twittering would be laughable – actually, it is laughable.

Meanwhile the CDC has updated the numbers for the USA:

Latest update from CDC
Latest update from CDC

How come little old New Zealand seems to have the lion’s share of people infected with swine flu? So far 3 out of 4 million people, compared to 40 out of 303,824,640.