It reported three days ago that an Indian man, Vaibhav Bedi, is suing the makers of Lynx deodorant and body spray for a lack of the so-called ‘Lynx Effect’.

The Lynx Effect, if you have seen the advertisements on TV, makes a man irresistible to women, particularly long legged beautiful women. If you choose to use the product, and let’s face it, which man wouldn’t given it’s over-powering and seductive qualities, women will fall at your feet like flies sprayed with Black Flag. Come to think of it, the Lynx smell (at least some strains of the range) bears an uncanny resemblance to fly spray.

I fell into the claws of the Lynx via my gym. No, I wasn’t offered it by a male member in the shower room – it is simply provided free to all who frequent MindBody Studio. Because it was free I thought “What the hell?”.

Needless to say I am still with Sugar who, by the way, hates the smell of Lynx. Perhaps Vaibhav will consider mounting a class action for all of us who have hoped for but been disappointed with the Lynx Effect.

Lynx is marketed in India and elsewhere around the world as Axe. Here’s the latest ad currently showing on New Zealand TV.