The North Island 1600

NI1600 logo for 2015On 1.00 pm on Saturday 10 October 2015 I’ll be leaving a campground at Turangi to attempt to ride 1,600 kms on my motorbike in less than 24 hours.

I have done this three times previously. Twice as part of the Rusty Nuts organised rally, and once as the Distance Riders Group. We won’t know the route we need to take until 7.00pm on Friday night. I’ll post that route here tomorrow (Friday night).

I’ll also be setting up a Spotwalla track so you can follow my progress through the night if you find yourself with nothing to do and you’re wide awake at 3.00am on Sunday morning.

The link for that is: – at the moment it’s just a map. When the ride starts I start an application on my iPhone that starts pinging location messages back to the map. All you’ll need to do is refresh the map to see where I am!!

The other exciting thing about this years event is that if we’re successful we are eligible to apply for membership of the renowned Iron Butt Association of USA. The IBA are the premier long distance riding group in the world. Their most famous rally is the IBA Rally held every two years where contestants ride 11,000 miles in 11 days.

And the weather is looking good.