Upgraded to WordPress 2.3.3

Apologies to anyone who checked in last night and got a nasty error message. I was in the process of upgrading to a newer version of WordPress.

3 thoughts on “Upgraded to WordPress 2.3.3”

  1. I’m not sure how it is yet…but I like to keep current with these things. It does allow tagging (not the spray paint kind) which my previous version didn’t allow. How are things in old Blighty?

  2. Old Blighty is good 🙂 Starting to settle in well, got a flat and all that jazz. Work is same old same old, although I am learning new project management/development techniques. Albeit haphazardly, the World Wide arm is a bit of a mess when compared to my illusions of what the BBC is supposed to be 🙂

    I’ll be coming back to New Zealand for a holiday (that sounds weird) in June and July so will be looking forward to seeing you again! Still got to book flights, so until they have my money nothing is confirmed…

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