What a week!

Number 1: A man sells a 1980’s washing machine for $5,160 due to a very imaginative description he wrote for it on Trade Me. That truly shows the power of the written word and the stupidity of the company that bought the machine. An advertising agency should give the seller a job as a copywriter.

He’s now branched out into T-shirts featuring pictures of the dinosaur he saw when a portal to another dimension opened above the violently shaking washer.

Link: www.scarywashingmachine.com

Number 2: On Tuesday Dr Pita Sharples proposed that maori should be able to go to university without meeting the appropriate entry requirements. He appeared not to know that anyone over the age of 20 can be accepted into university as an adult student without pre-qualifications.

He back tracked today to suggest that maori attend learning centres where they learn to write essays. Isn’t that a secondary school?

Number 3: Lawyer Chris Comesky uses the “David Carradine” defence theory suggesting the death of An An Liu was as the result of a consensual sex act involving a tie. Enough said. I’m hoping there will be a verdict tomorrow. Do juries work in the weekend?

Number 4: Scam artist Gerard Otimi continues to charge $500 for a worthless immigration stamp to desperate Pacific Island over stayers. It appears to be an almost perfect crime as Stuff reported tonight:

The police have launched an investigation but so far no complaints have been laid.

The overstayers fear being sent home if they approach the authorities, and many of them appear to believe Mr Otimi’s visas really do mean they can legally stay in New Zealand.

Once Mr Otimi was found out he offered unrepentant and obscure justifications for his actions, in some way suggesting that he was highlighting the plight of these people, but pocketing $45,000 in the process.

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