Finally, the NZRU have come to their senses and started associating their brand with something worthwhile: Weetbix.

One of my boys has great difficulty being enthusiastic over breakfast. This morning we discovered the box in the Weetbix packet that will hold, and protect, the soon-to-be-released rugby Stat Attack II cards.

The game was on: I want weetbix for breakfast dad!

Hallelujah! Better weetbix than Bluebird chips any day. Thankyou Sanitarium.

One thought on “Weetbix rugby cards”

  1. I don’t know, Skinny, I’m not a great fan of any aggressive promotions, although I agree better Weetbix than chips.
    But I well remember Stat Attack I – the enthusiastic purchasing of the first box of Weetbix, the slow pace at which we worked through them, the furtive swapping done at school, the nagging to buy another box before the first one was finished, the tears when the whole lot of cards went through the washing machine..!

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