25 years remembered at Table 23

Today Sugar and I celebrated 25 years together. What an achievement. That’s longer than my mother and father stayed together, and they were married!

We celebrated by having dinner at Logan Brown restaurant here in Wellington. The last time we went was the year it opened – which we were guessing would be nearly ten years ago. That’s what having kids does to your life.

We were led to a table which felt like it was in the alleyway between the kitchen and the toilets. Not the most romantic place to celebrate a quarter century together. So I did something I’m not renowned for – I complained, very politely, explaining that it was a VERY BIG AND IMPORTANT EVENT. The maitre’d admitted it wasn’t the best table in the house (we applauded his honesty) and after some umming and ahhing he suggested we could sit upstairs.

We agreed and he led us up an old stone spiral staircase to an intimate dining room, where, had it been full would have seated eight diners. Sugar and I had a birds eye view across the whole restaurant, and were waited on by what felt like our own personal waitress. Bliss.

The food was exquisite. Dessert menu finally arrived. I cannot go past anything with lemon. Sugar ordered a chocolate truffle. Her’s came on a huge dinner plate with “Happy Anniversary” written in chocolate sauce around the outside of the plate. A very nice touch.

So, highly recommended for a special occasion. If you want the best seat in the house be sure to ask when you book your table for Table 23.