70 million pies – this was one of them.

Can you believe we consume 60 million pies each year. Apparently it’s a $120 million dollar business.

Like my previous post about how many servings of chips New Zealanders eat each week, someone out there is getting more than their fair share of pastry and congealed meat. That’s 15 pies a year for every man, woman and child.

It is heartening to note that the winning pie at this years Bakels New Zealand Supreme Pie Award was a vegetarian pie, albeit in a creamy (and probably fattening) white sauce.

Many of the pie awards went to Asian bakeries, surprising given the fact that you can’t buy a pie for love nor money in most Asian countries. Hopefully the Elite Bakery in Victoria Street, Wellington was able to add a few more awards to it’s trophy cabinet. That’s my preferred pie reseller, and their chips are to die for – but I’d be struggling to eat 15 in a week!

So, can anyone out there tell me who is eating all the pies? Cos it ain’t me and it ain’t any of my friends.

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