Perhaps I’ll be proven wrong…

No sooner do I slag off iYomu than I return to work only to discover that a colleague has invested money in the business. I hope for her sake that I’m proven wrong and that her modest investment multiplies 6,000,000 fold – it does make the whole thing a little more exciting though – doesn’t it?

2 thoughts on “Perhaps I’ll be proven wrong…”

  1. Great to see a quality alternative for people who want social networking without the hassle of Myspace, Bebo etc. It also has some cool concepts such as the “vault”, a definite for adults rather than teenagers….

  2. A valid comment – thanks. Although, I have been reading other blogs on this – it appears they are using a lot of flash content which means there will be many users (in government departments and businesses, and users of hand held devices) who will miss out on a lot of the rich content. If they can get Oprah Winfrey to latch on to it they’re set!

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