My honest opinion – honestly!

M Hansen’s honest opinionI lived in Christchurch for six years as a university student in the late 70’s early 80’s. What a great place to be a student – cheap to live, great public transport system, flat enough to bike everywhere…

But, I have always said (and my friends can back me up on this one) that “If there was ever a place that you would be more likely to be randomly stabbed, then Christchurch would win hands down”.

Now, I don’t mean that you’d have to be moving through a ‘bad’ suburb, or down a dark city alleyway at night. I’m talking about sitting in the square, or wandering along Colombo Street on your lunch break. BAM! for no reason whatsoever some maniac would come up and stab you…and leave you for dead.

It hasn’t stopped me from returning there – Sugar’s mum still lives there; I have lots of friends I met at university still living there – I’m just aware that there are some strange people wandering the streets. Some of you might say that this wierdness was a result of the day the government decided to return Templeton and Sunnyside residents back into the community – but my theory predates that by ten or twelve years.

And so, this brings me to M Hansen. I found this press ad in the Christchurch Press on July 26, 2007. I have since done a ‘google’ on this gentleman to see what comes up. Nothing!

But I would like to hear more of his reasoning. Have any of you been to a public meeting where M Hansen has spoken in support of his pitch to be a member of the Hospital Board? Perhaps I can be enlightened by your experience.