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Well, Games Gadgets and Geeks is over for another year. We got around 180 registrations, and probably 110 turned up.

Speakers ranged from Brian Sweeney (head honcho at Sweeney Vesty and the man responsible for NZEdge), Denise Bach from Yaktivate, Mario Wynands from Sidhe Interactive, Glynn Foster from Sun Microsystems talking about Project Indiana, and a representative from the Apple division of Rennaissance.

Brian Sweeney talked about his experience running a company overseas and how the world can be managed via the internet.

Mario Wynands did a brief overview of Sidhe Interactive – the classic rags to riches story of a company that started 10 years ago in a bedroom in Lower Hutt that now has 70+ employees and is a leading gaming developer. Thats an inspiration if ever I saw one. Oh, and he did a plug for new employees.

Denise Bach made an impassioned speech about…hmmm, well, I’m not sure what. At the end of her talk I was none the wiser about what Yaktivate does, did or wants to be, except that it is going to connect people and companies to niche markets.

The geeky bit from Open Solaris washed right over me – sorry Glynn, but I’m probably not your target market. Two people asked questions so there were some people there who felt it was relevant to them and could understand what you delivered.

And the guy from Apple (whose name escapes me – sorry) was an entertaining end to the evening. An ex-Microsoft employee who now espouses the Mac, he was enthusiastic, and fun. Thanks.

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2 thoughts on “A good night”

  1. Yeah, sorry about that – though thanks for making me aware of things that I start to take for granted! Will be useful for the future.

  2. Glynn, please don’t be sorry – it wasn’t a criticism of your delivery – it’s just that I come from a creative background, not a technical one – so when you talked about stacks, and binary distribution and network repositories – I had no idea what you were talking about.

    The fact that three people asked you questions showed that those members of the audience who DID know what you were talking about were engaged enough to question you. Well done!

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