The site I have been wanting to build since around 2001 has finally arrived.

BackĀ  at the turn of the century eating meat was not a very fashionable thing to do – it was done in moderation, usually when you went to a restaurant or to a friend’s place for dinner.

Every Thursday night I would meet with my two brothers-in-law (while my better half was out of the house) and we would cook a meat meal. It was never anything fancy – usually sausages with mashed potato and frozen peas. The sausages would be courtesy of the Superior Meat Market on Ponsonby Road – run by a father and son team – Brian and Wayne. And bloody good bangers they were too. I never ate as much meat as I did in that and the subsequent year.

Did I develop hardened arteries and a heart condition? No.

Did I become obese and diabetic? No.

I embraced the joy of eating meat to the point that I registered always with the idea of creating a site about, for and of meat. We even had T-shirts made – a limited run (of three) with a photo of our typical Thursday night feast.

So, take a look – it’s new and needs more content. But if you have ideas for articles, or you have reviews of great meat meals you have experienced, or you want to talk about your favourite butcher, or meat retailer then add a comment to this post and I’ll make contact with you via the email address you provide.

Check it our at or

One thought on “A website about meat – finally”

  1. Great concept, I have a number of thoughts on possible topics.

    A series on decent butchers? Good cookbooks? Places to eat and why they are value? etc

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