Eating in Sydney

I’m in Sydney with the family and we’ve been surprised by how much eating here costs. It may be more to do with the fact that two seven and a half year old boys now eat as much as their mother and father, so we’re feeding (and paying for) four.

Lunches have been in the region of $50-$60, and that’s for paninis, or turkish bread and coffee. Bloody hell!

Tonight though was a rare find thanks to a Lonely Planet guide on Sydney.

We had a day pass on the monorail and so decided to use it at night to head to Chinatown. There were several restaurants listed as being worthy and we chose the fourth one: Golden Century Seafood Restaurant on Sussex Street.

According to our guide the place is a late night favourite (it’s open until 4.00am) with Sydney chefs and hotel staff.

“…lots of fish tanks display your nervous looking dinner…”

It was all true. We arrived early and the place was only half full. We didn’t fancy the fish – as one son perhaps over-stated, killing those fish is ‘evil’.

We opted instead for dim sim, sishuan-style beef (hot), pork ribs peking style, and braised four vegetables.

The food was stunning. The service was exceptional – wait staff were called variously ‘Trainee’, ‘Stewart’, ‘David’ and ‘Johnny’.

The restaurant filled quickly mainly with Chinese patrons (always a good sign) and with Australian businessmen (also a good sign). By the time we left around 8.00pm there was long queue at the door and the huge crabs and fish and crays were being hauled out of their temporary tanks, weighed and sold (cooked) to patrons.

I, we, the whole family strongly recommend it. A$110 for two entrees, three mains, two chinese beers, and a big bottle of sparkling water.

Unlike other restaurants you’re not allowed to leave once the bill is paid. You must sit and wait while fruit, pastry and cookies are brought to your table. A little sign is left to ‘thankyou for your patron’.

Grand Century Seafood Restaurant
393-399 Sussex Street
Hours: Noon to 4.00am
Phone: 9212 3901