Air NZ, Rob Fyfe and the NZ Listener

Anyone know who does Air NZ’s viral campaign work? Only reason I ask is cos it’s good.

Here’s the latest – a sign-language response to an editorial in the NZ Listener magazine where that magazine suggested Air NZ would be becoming a budget airline by joining with Virgin Blue on the transtasman route.

The Air NZ response is so simple. Plus timely given that it is just weeks after NZ Sign Language week.

BTW – the woman in the clip is Victoria Skorikova – she works at the Deaf Association headquarters in Auckland.

Check the website here: While you are there check out the press release.

2 thoughts on “Air NZ, Rob Fyfe and the NZ Listener”

  1. Hmmmm clever & slick. What a response, who can argue with that. And you are right whoever does their stuff for them is good. But having sat too many times on a trip across the tasman where a pie and barely concealed animosity to passengers has been the hallmark of their award winning service leaves me wondering just how important bread and butter passengers are to Air NZ. Check out domestic fares to the provinces to get a real feel of just how much they care.

    This response, to me, is profoundly irritating. Vast amounts of time and money spent to deliver a slick message in response to an editorial (which I have read( – me thinks they doth protest too much. GMO 🙁

  2. Your last entry was on May 14th… May14th… what are you doing…???? It’s now May 28th! Laying around slothfully I just know. More thoughts, more views to exorcise or is it exercise my brain, you are making it so hard to be a dedicated follower and my pathetic hope that being skinny may rub off on the less so. GMO

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